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Home Page

<I-N-CA> - Shared Models
* Advanced Knowledge Technologies - All Sites
* My own working area - AIAI site
AKT - Project Intranet
AKT News
AKT Town Meeting Themes
AKT workshop - Southampton Meeting, 29th - 31st January 2001
IRC in Advanced Knowledge Technologies - aiai site *****
Also Shared Documents.
Kit - TIE Go on...
MAP - Old Aberdeen Campus - University of Aberdeen
The Aberdeen-Edinburgh TIE Home Page

JAVA Drawing Tools

GEF - from Tigris.org - Project Home Page
GEF - XML- Project Home Page
IHMC Concept Map Software (CMapTools)
Java 2 Platform SE v1.3.1: Overview
java.sun.com - The Source for Java(TM) Technology
JGraph Component
JGraph Home Page
MonarchGraph - Java Graph Visualization and Diagrams: MonarchGraph

People and Sites

* ALL AKT Personnel page


Kit- Modelling the IX PC Configuration Problem in KRAFT
Kit - TIE Go on...
University of Aberdeen, Personnel Directory
Peter M.D. Gray, Home Page
AKT Aberdeen - Ernesto Compatangelo
Aberdeen Univ.

Edin Univ.

eGroups : aktors-ed - akt at Edinburgh
IRC in Advanced Knowledge Technologies - aiai site *****
Also Shared Documents.
IRC in Future Knowledge Technologies


Enrico Motta's Home Page
KMi Home Page - Open Univ. Knowledge Media Lab
The Open University home page

OU Maps

KMI OU Campus Map
The Open University - street map
The Open University - campus map

Sheffield Univ.

Christopher Brewster - Sheffield Univ. NLP group
Sheffield University
NLP, Sheffield - home
Sheffield - NLG


Univ Southampton map
Professor Wendy Hall's Home Page - South Hampton
Nigel Shadbolt Home Page

Project info

AKT - Events - Town Meeting - 1st April 2003
AKT task-force work plan
AKT - Ontology
I-AKT - Multi-Perspective Modelling



Create An AKT Message - kit
Related: AKT
AKT - Knowledge Bus - AKT @ Aberdeen
AKT - Knowledge Bus - white paper - AKT @ Aberdeen
E-Business & the Intelligent Web
K.Y. Hui's Home Page
KRAFT - Aberdeen site ***** Recom by Kit


I-AKT - Multi-Perspective Modelling
* I-Room - Intelligent Room - the Knowledgeable Room
I-X - Index of /project/ix/repository
INOVA Home page
* INOVA - data model - Plan Ontology based on <I-N-OVA> Constraint Model of Activity
Tool - AIAI Process Editor: CPE-FOR-US
ARPI - DEMO - ACP3 - ACP Process Panel
AIAI - ARPI - ISAT Project
Common Process Framework - from AIAI
Common Process Framework - From DAI
Enterprise Project: The Enterprise Ontology
0 - HARDY 1.87 download - tidy-up version - June 2001
I-PE - screen shot
I-X: Intelligent Technology - new home page
I-PE, I-P2,<BR><BR> Ref:
SPAR - Shared Planning and Activity Representation *****
Tool Images - common process editor

AKT - Edinburgh Meeting, 23rd - 25th January 2002
AKT - Ontology
AKT EPrints Archive - Simple Search
AKT EPrints Archive - upload a document - User Area Homepage - Chen-Burger, Dr. Jessica
AKT Ontology v2.0 - D3E Home for AKT

AKT Reference Ontology Version 2.0 *****

AKT Ontology v2.0 - D3E Home for AKT
D3E: AKT Reference Ontology v2

AKT Reference Ontology: Version 1.0
AKT- Nature - Documents list
CIF Encoding in RDF - Kit proposal for RDF format
D3E: AKT Reference Ontology
Erdos Number Project Home Page - community of practice relevent
Free e-papers - EPrints: Home
Free e-papers: Open Archives Initiative
I-PE - screen shot
IBM AI-Help Desk - IBM releases artificial intelligence software for help desks (7/12/2001)
IDEF5 Overview - AKT reference

Kraft Project

KRAFT home
Liverpool University Computer Science
KRAFT publications

KRAFT-I-X TIE Technology Profile
MCU - 167 - Univ. Edin. view only


* Paper - Compendium: Making Meetings into Knowledge Events
related: AKT, I-Room
AKT - OU - Scholarly Ontologies - an Ontology for disagreements
Talks slides - D3E Home for AKT
Argumentation - KMi Project: Scholarly Ontologies - ScholOnto MP Argumentation


OCML - OU - A syntactic support for OCML Web Kit
OCML Page - OU

OU - D3E
OU - Psychological Literature on Forgetting
UPML home page *****

Steve's AKT paper


0 - Main Project Pages

Prof. Marc Eisenstadt's Home Page at The Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, UK


Knowledge Capture, Sharing and Reuse in the Design Process - Soton Univ
Prof David C De Roure - Soton
Prof Nick R Jennings - Soton
Prof Nigel R Shadbolt
Prof Wendy Hall - Soton

CoAKTinG - Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid

Main Tools

buddy space - JPEG image 333x523 pixels
co-akting: I-Me - demo page
JabberApplet - co-akting
Verizon - compendium - mifflin

Meeting - July 31st

co-akting video recording - July 31st, 2002
xml file

OU workshop: Oct 10-11, 2002

OU Co-AKTing workshop: 2002-10-11-maps.html (IE only)
Simon Buckinghma Shum demo - co-akting Oct 2002


KRAFT Project Home Page
Bell Canada University Labs - Collaborative Environment Project
CoAKTing - Lotus QuickPlace

Communication Tools


InMOVE Projects - Kingston Univ.


CoAX - Coalition Starter Pack
OpenMap - Co-Akting + Natasha

oplan - wap phone - SUO/SAS Soldier-Borne Device
OU experiment project - First Flight
Relevant Tools - Meeting Recording
Tool - Active Buddy - IM software Big Name
Tool - Instant Messaging Planet: News: IM Gains More Virtual Agents - customer relationship mgmt
Tool - Welcome to Artificial Life

VRVS - Virtual Room Video System

VRVS History Page

0-Log Book for May 8, 2004
0-CoAKTinG - RST Support: Meeting Replay
co-akting presentations - Nov 2002

Msc Project

MSc Projects 2003-2004

POC - Scottish Enterprise

POC-SE 2round

POC-SE On-line SECURE editing application - IE only
POC-SE - Application and guidelines - Scottish Enterprise

POC-SE - Welcome to The Alba Centre - Focus of Scotland's Electronic Industry
Proof of Concept Fund - Scottish Enterprise

Z - Other Work


2020me - Me2B Special Interest Group: Welcome
2020ME: Intro
Autonomy - The Technology Behind Autonomy
Papers on OIL - ontology
* Ontoknowledge - home page

AOEM Project

0 - Home Page

HLA Home Page
BBN AOEM Home Page
JFACC BBN Technology
JFACC Home Page*****
Local Team Site - BBN
Darpa - JFACC - Public Site*****

Control Theory

TheoremNet - The web site for resources mathematics! - control theory introduction
Google Search: control theory

DARPA-JFACC Conference

Program for AEC Symposium
JFACC Solicitation BAA99-18
Author Guidelines - Proceedings


Aptima Human-Centered Engineering, Inc.
BBN AOEM Home Page
BBN/San Diego - Home Page
ERIM International Home Page
Robotics Institute: ICLL
SAIC-An Employee Owned Company
The Laboratory for Intelligent Processes and Systems-LIPS - Univ. of Texas
Welcome to Orincon


acronyms - local**
AIAI - ARPI - ISAT Project
SPAR Paper: Roots of SPAR - Shared Planning and Activity Representation&quot;
ARPI-Public Site
ARPI/Small Unit Operations Program Resources - Army
C2 for Air Operations - Intro and Abbreviations
Designing Organizational Memory
Electronic College of Process Innovation - ABC
c3i - command, control, communication <BR><BR> and intelligence
GLOSSARYGlossary Part 1 - Abbreviations And Acronyms - local page
Google Search: role activity diagram
conference - KAW96 Proceedings
Military acronyms
Publications - Welcome - ATRA Method
Report on Tasks - RAD
Role Resolution Activity (Oracle Workflow Help)


Cyberland Bases and Locations

CISA Seminar Series

Ian Horrocks's Presentation Slides

* Home Page

CISA Seminar Email Archives *****
Informatics at Edinburgh: weekly Seminar List - Oct 2001
informatics div. - Events
informatics div. - IRR News and Events


Business Managemetn School - Main Page
Ecology and Resource Management at Edinburgh University
Edinburgh Law School : Administration
Edinburgh Law School : Mrs LESLEY MCARA - seminar organiser
Events at the Institute for Communicating and Collaborative Systems
IPAB - Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour
Law Dept. Seminars
2000 - System Reengineering Patterns - Edin. Workshop
Welcome to SELLIC.



Julien Musset

LORIA - Homepage - France
Pages de Julien Musset


Gerstner laboratory for Intelligent Decision Making and Control
Ghada Kadoda's home page
J Strother Moore - University of Texas, Austin
Jacques D. Fleuriot's Homepage
Joe Hurd

John Zeleznikow

Biography of Dr. John Zeleznikow
Home page of John Zeleznikow
John is head of the Database Research <BR>

Paul Cohen

Cohen - The Experimental Knowledge Systems Laboratory
Cohen - Prof. Paul R. Cohen(cohen@cs.umass.edu) Home Page
Cohen - Computer Science Department, UMass, Amherst

Univ. of Texas, Austin - UTCS

Diana Woolis

Knowledge in the Public Interest: Home page - 2003
***** AI-CBR
CBR in Finance - Stuart
Center On Addiction and Substance Abuse - Newsroom
Diana Community Program
Henry Thompson
ICCBR 2001 :: Main
Professor Mark Steedman's Home Page
Star Gazer
CBR - Telcordia - About Us
The CBR Homepage - CBR on the Web

Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Multinational Operations - Austin

Main Page
Multinational Planning Augmentation Team (MPAT)


* Home page

Ewan Klein's Home Page
AIAI-Edify at AIAI Site
Edify Location - Map
Edify: application builder
Welcome to Edify

New Product

CRM - Edify: Media Center: 2.20.2001


* BPMI.org The Business Process Management Initiative
CoAX - Coalition Agents eXperiment - Boeing, Dera
Company Summary -- SER Systeme AG
INOVA Home page
INOVA Paper: Rep. Plans as a set of constraints

IVR related links

Vocalis PLC - Breaking new ground in Speech Recognition Technology
VoiceXML Forum - w3c sign MOU Memorandum of Understanding

OKBC - introduction - A Programmatic Foundation for Knowledge Base Interoperability
Open Knowledge Base Connectivity Working Group - AI SRI
Paper: An Open System Architecture for a Multimedia and Multimodal User Interface (Dr. Jiang Shao, Mr. Nour-Eddine Tazine, Dr. Lori Lamel, Dr. Bernard Prouts)
PSL -Process Specification Language - NIST*****
PSL at NIST Publications
PSL Paper: Using Process Requirements as the Basis for the Creation and Evaluation of Process Ontologies for Enterprise Modeling
PSL project home page


0 - Python Language Website - home
Python - Yahoo email archives

SER Germany
Shared Planning and Activity Representation - SPAR
SPAR Paper: Roots of SPAR - Shared Planning and Activity Representation&quot;
SPAR Project Overview
Tool - AIAI Process Editor: CPE-FOR-US


* UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) Homepage
* Undergraduate Prospectus 2001 : Applications and Admissions Information
Paper application
The University of Edinburgh Undergraduate Prospectus
UCAS course search

WORKFLOW - Task-Based Process Management - AIAI


I-X: Intelligent Technology - new home page
I-PE, I-P2,<BR><BR> Ref:
eGroups : i-x Messages :12-41 of 41
I-X: paper: Multi-Perspective Modelling
I-X: Systems Architecture
IBM - XML Parser for Java : another alphaWorks technology


HIKE (HPKB Integrated Knowledge Environement - Hike SAIC

My Thesis

Mike Brayshaw - Centre for Internet Computing - Staff

PeaPod Workshop

Jean Carletta's Edinburgh Home Page
Processes, Events and Activity Collaborative Research Programme (PEA Pod)
Prof. Johanna D. Moore -- Home

Plan Rep Workshop

Edinburgh Plan Rep Workshop Home Page - aiai site
PEA - Processes, Events and Activity Collaborative Research Programme (PEA Pod)

Supervised Msc Project

Guide to MSc Projects in Informatics
MSc Project Allocations by First Supervisor
MSc Projects in Informatics 2001-2002
MSc Project Timetable
MSc Projects in Knowledge Based Systems 2001-2002

web design

Macro Media Flash Player

Web Development

Web Services
Web Services Tutorial

Informatics MSc Projects2005/2006

2 - Business Modelling and Knowledge Management

0-Knowledge Angels in a nutshell - 22 May 2003
Semantic Web Services Initiative (SWSI)
Ontology formal - Nicola Guarino - Laboratory for Applied Ontology - People
semantic web - RDF - The Semantic Web... in Haiku
* 2002-2003 Change Management Best Practices Study ***

* Best Sites

* BPMI.org The Business Process Management Initiative
* Change Management Learning Center - comprehensive web site
* Ontoknowledge - home page
* Ontoknowledge Project - Deliverables
* Ontology example - onto for relation - webkb.org onto collection
* OntoWeb Working Group on Process Standards
Rep standards, Edify.
* Semantic Web report
* The Semantic Web: An Introduction
AAAI - American Association for Artificial Intelligence
BPR Business Process Reengineering & Innovation: @BRINT (tm) - overview of BPR
Business Process Model - National Lib of Australia
Business Processes Resource Centre- Knowledge Management, CPD, Complexity - Warwick Univ.
Business Technologies for Competitive Advantage - NASA
Electronic College of Process Innovation - ABC
c3i - command, control, communication <BR><BR> and intelligence
Manufacturing Complexity Network - Warwick Univ.
MIT - AI Lab: MIT AI lab pubs ONLINE bibliography
MIT - CCS Abstracts
NASA - Cost Technologies for Competitive Advantage
NASA - Software Res Lab
Open Univ - The Knowledge Media Institute
Prosci.com - Reengineering best practices
Reengineering.com - Reengineering Resource Center - library
BPR, Workflow, Business Process <BR><BR> Simulation
SEBPC Co-ordinator's Page
The USC ATRIUM Laboratory Home Page - papers for bpr, mgmt, AI, Walt Scacchi
Univ. of Standford - Technical Reports

* Ching-Long: IBM's BPEL Business Process Execution Language- developerWorks: Web services : Automating business processes and transactions in Web services

* Standardisation Groups

* OntoWeb - The CNR-ITBM Ontology Group Home - OntoWeb, Italian
semantic web org
The Object Management Group
WfMC Published Standards Documents *****

0-Concept Map

0-Projects@Institute for Human and Machine Cognition


Lab of Bioinformatics and Biomolecule Modeling - Taiwan
A master degree bioinformatics program in Taiwan
Dr. Ming-Jing Hwang
Bioinformatics Research Centre, University of Glasgow

Books and Documents

Book - Reusable Components for Knowledge Modelling
Business Process - book
Concepts - bpr
free on-line KM book - what is knowledge - recom by stuart
Wiley Computer Publishing - John Wiley and Son Book Store

BPM and Workflow

bpr - tutorial - on-line - Reengineering and Change Management
bpm - Business Process Execution Language for Web Services, Version 1.0
PRODIGY project home page - CMU - Planning, Visualisation and Rationale

Building Business Systems

Book: Business Component Factory : A Comprehensive Overview of Component-Based Development for the Enterprise
SE: Patterns and Software: Essential Concepts and Terminology

Business Management and TQM

The Slogans School of Management - jokes
BLINC - Business Innovation Networks - Rotterdam School of Mgmt
Redherring.com - Technology Business News, Analysis, and Research - bpr
Thoemmes Press - BM publishing, etc.
* BPMG - Home Page - six sigma
* Brint.com - KM, BPR Business Process Reengineering & Innovation
* KM books
1999 Working Paper Series
Amazon.com: A Glance: The 2,000 Percent Solution : Free Your Organization from 'Stalled' Thinking to Achieve Exponential Success
Bank for International Settlements
Business Process - usa military
Computational Economics and Finance: Modeling and Analysis with Mathematica
Dept. Business and Finance
Electronic College of Process Innovation - ABC
c3i - command, control, communication <BR><BR> and intelligence
Events - BPI research on facility mgmt and building operations/procument
Banking paper for profits
IT Asset Management in Practise
M. Kelada - New Trends in Business Mgmt

Manufacturing Management

process tool - Advanced Technologies and Approaches to Manufacturing and Business

TQM - Proceedings of the 4-ICIT
Reengineering the Corporation Michael Hammer and James Champy
Strategic learner-managed learning in small firms
The ICLML Seminars Page
The Message Company - Raising Consciousness in Business and Science
Total Quality Control

Total Quality Management and Improvement

TQ Improvement

Business Process Modelling

Emerald Journals, Business Process Management Journal


PSL -Process Specification Language - NIST*****
Phase 4 - Pilot Implementation and Validation
PSL Architecture 1 - using PSL as an interchange language example - nice graph
PSL Ontology -- Current Theories and Extensions

Business Modelling and BPR

Book: A Glance: Perspectives on Business Modelling
White House BPR
Engaging top management - the role of executive leadership in business process reengineering
1999 UMBC
ecommerce - The University of Edinburgh Management School
Luigi Portinale - CBR
Strategic Intervention and Decision-making - bpr workshop
BPR Business Process Reengineering & Innovation: @BRINT (tm) - overview of BPR
Welcome to the ClickZ Network - bpr
Convergence Zone - bpr
Advance Planning Solutions Enterprise-Wide Business Modeling
process tool - Advanced Technologies and Approaches to Manufacturing and Business
Amazon.com Shopping Cart - BPR book list
Amazon.com: A Glance: Derivatives Handbook : Risk Management and Control (Wiley Series in Financial Engineering) - book for risk analysis
Work Simplification -- Process Improvement
BPR OnLine Learning Center for reengineering and change management teams - sponsored by prosci
BPR Publications
BPRSG - Re-engineer newsletter
Business 2.0 - bpr
Business Case Series - Prosci
Business Process Reengineering - Univ of California Irvine
Business Processes Resource Centre- Knowledge Management, CPD, Complexity - Warwick Univ.
Business Technologies for Competitive Advantage - NASA
CARE Lab (Computer-Aided Re-engineering Laboratory)
Change 2000 US - bpr conference
Change 2000 US Survey - bpr
CIO - Feb 15, 1997 - Quantum's Leap - bpr case study
Crystal Ball - Decisioneering Modeling & Financial Software - business model and risk analysis
Datamation - March 1, 1995 Table of Contents - BPR
Default - Univ. of South Carolina - BPR
Didar Zowghi's Home Page
DTI - Management Best Practice - bpr
Enterprise Project - AIAI
Review of BPR tools - for business executives
Executive KnowledgeWorks - Resources for Executive Education
GartnerGroup Interactive Home - BPR + IT company
GWIN Business Publications Directory - bpr
Home Page - academy of management review
http://hsb.baylor.edu/ramsower/acis/papers/orman.htm - bpr theory and tool, no on-lin doc
Information and Services for members of the Academy of Management
Investigating the success factors that govern the deployment of methodology - UCL
Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce - Texas Austin, Harvard - 1999
M & H Enterprise - business methods and risk analysis
Process model - bpr
Redherring.com - Technology Business News, Analysis, and Research - bpr
Reengineering.com - Reengineering Resource Center - library
BPR, Workflow, Business Process <BR><BR> Simulation
SMBPI: Systems Modelling Workshop
The BPMG - Home Page
The ICLML Seminars Page
UK Department of Trade and Industry - Home Page
Virtual Centre for Discontinuous Change and Innovation
Welcome to Processworld - BPR Virtural Community
Welcome to the Operational Research Society
What Is BPI?
Yahoo! Business and Economy:Companies:Corporate Services:Consulting:Risk Management
Yahoo! Search Results: business model risk

Business Process Model and Management

process mgmt firm - MandOS home page - temporary
process mgmt firm - MandOS home page
OMT Activities and Work Products
Business Process Model - National Lib of Australia

Business Process Reuse

Summary of replies:Business Process Reuse

Case Study - Loan Management - tool and business process example

How do I know I can qualify for an a type loan


About Defense Publications
Defense Technical Information Center Homepage
Framework for Managing Process Improvement - abc dod
Journal Articles & Conference Paper Search & Retrieval Services
Web Links


Petri Nets World
Mapping Petri-Net to Workflow Systems - Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Germany

Process Modelling - PIF, PSL, Process Handbook

Ecosse - design support system
EPIF - VE3 - Enhanced PIF
IPG - The Informatics Process Group - UMIST
PIF - Chris Menzel - Modeling Process Structure
PIF - Chris Menzel's Homepage - KBSI
PIF - Jintae Lee - Hawaii Univ.
PIF - Jintae Lee Home Page - Colorado Univ.
PIF - Process Interchange Format (PIF) HOME Page - MIT
PIF - PSV - Univ of Toronto
PIF - Version 1.0 (new version is 1.2)
PSL -> XML(1)
PSL -Process Specification Language - NIST*****
PSL and IDEF3 - case study
The Process Handbook Project - Hawaii
The Process Handbook Project - Hawaii site 2
The Process Handbook Project - MIT site 1

Workflow Management

eTopware - Business Improvement at the Speed of e-change. - JAVA Workflow tool
KM - Knowledge Management and Workflow
Mapping Petri-Net to Workflow Systems - Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Germany
Neptune Systems - workflow sim tool
Oracle Workflow (Oracle Workflow Help)
Paper Index: Towards Real-Scale Business Transaction Workflow Modelling - Barros, Hofstede, Proper (ResearchIndex)
Pauline M. Berry's Welcome Page
Reengineering.com - Reengineering Resource Center - library
BPR, Workflow, Business Process <BR><BR> Simulation
Role Resolution Activity (Oracle Workflow Help)
Workflow And Reengineering International Association
WORKFLOW - Task-Based Process Management - AIAI
Workflow Management Coalition - WFMC
Workflow Management Coalition 1999
Workflow software - moved to new add
* Workflow Resources List

Capability Modelling

capability modelling - PM

Common Business Processes - Yeh Ching-Long

ebXML - Enabling A Global Electronic Market - Specifications
DAML Services


Brief description of the CommonKADS methodology
CommonKADS and KADS-II at SICS
Top Page


DAML Services
DAML Home For Teknowledge in Palo Alto
DAML-S participants


DL - Description Logics Home Page
DL - DESCRIPTION LOGICS course - Enrico Franconi

John Sowa

1/2002 - Conceptual Graphs Home Page and conference
Visualisation of Natural Language and <BR><BR> its formal representations.
* Guided Tour of Ontology - John Sowa
Concept Mapping Homepage
Concept Mapping: Soft Science or Hard Art?
John Sowa - Knowledge Representation: Logical, Philosophical, and Computational Foundations
John Sowa - Negotiation Instead of Legislation
John Sowa - Ontology
John Sowa - Signs, Processes, and Language Games
John Sowa - Site Directory
John Sowa Web Site - home page
Processes - John Sowa
Semantic Networks - John Sowa

Knowledge Management

AAAI Spring Symposium 2000 - Bringing Knowledge to Business Processes
* KM - DelphiGroup.com - Coverage - Knowledge Management
* KM - Lotus Knowledge Management
* KM, Negociation, OM - Reference list
* Knowledge Management Consortium International
* Knowledge Management Europe 2001 - free - IE or higher Netscape required
lots of European companies are involved.

* What is KM ?

Defining Knowledge Management
What Is Knowledge Management

* Ying Ding home page - KM, Ontology
Aquanet: a hypertext tool to hold your knowledge in place

Business Rules

Buss Rules - Speaker Abstracts
Business Rules
Blaze Software Home Page: Beyond Personalization - business rules
IBM - Business Rules for Electronic Commerce: Project at IBM T.J. Watson Research
IBM - Papers of the Business Rules for E-Commerce Project
The Business Rule Group - What Is a Business Rule
The Business Rules Group

DECaFf-KB - Project Collaboration to DR
Designing Organizational Memory


AddedValue.com Home Page - bpr - ecommerce
Agent Organisation
Andersen Consulting
botspot - eCommerce

Business Intellect

Links - Companies working in the Business Intellect Field
Cognos Inc. - Business Intellect

Competitive Intelligence - marketing analysis

Competitive Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence - Get Smart!
Competitive Intelligence Guide | FULD & COMPANY INC.
Competitive Intelligence Resources for Competitive Intelligence Professionals.
Competitive Intelligence, Technical
Economic and Competitive Intelligence

DCS UMBC - agents
DCS UMBC - Intelligent Agents
eCommerce - Agent - A CEO's Guide to eCommerce Using Intergalactic Object-Oriented Intelligent Agents
web rating system (manual) - Hans Uszkoreit
lastminute.com, special offers on last minute travel, flights, hotels, holidays, entertainment, gifts, auctions and restaurants.
MIT - Agent Media Electronic Commerce
Patricia Seybold Group : Perspectives
Univ of Koblenz-Landau - Ecommerce
Yazann S Romahi

Experience Management 2002 - Home
GWIN - knowledge management
2000 - ECAI-2000 Tutorial - AI Techniques for Knowledge Management
12/1 - Experience Management
IBM Lotus Software - Knowledge Management
Intell. Tutor - Authoring Knowledge Based Tutors
IT Asset Management in Practise
KM - MCB - Knowledge Management: Journal Homepage
K Au - Knowledge Auditing - Structural Knowledge Auditing
KA - The Protocol Assistant - jkk
Knowledge Acquisition Workshops home page
conference - KAW96 Proceedings
* AAAI 97 Spring Symposium on AI in KM
Knowledge Management - AIAI
KM - Article for WWW: Embedding Knowledge in Web Documents

KM - Big Six

Wall Street & Technology Tech Library: Knowledge Management
LLRX -- Knowledge Management : Can it Exist in a Law Office?

KM - Does KM = IT? - INTELLECTUAL CAPITALISM - Enterprise Magazine September 15, 1999
Km - eGain - multi-channel communication
KM - Knowledge Management and Workflow
KM - knowledge strategy
KM - KPMG Knowledge Management
KM - Lotus Development Corporation
KM - Orbital Software - Tool: Organik
KM - Software Technology Laboratory: E-Management Research at HP
KM - Swiss Life
KM - Taiwan - Angel Network Universal
KM - Team Knowledge Management
KM - Towards a Knowledge Technology for Knowledge Management - AI, Psychology, Nottingham
KM - University of Surrey - knowledge management - Directions to the University
KM conference - Steffen Staab
Knowledge Disk - File Sharing and Knowledge Management with KnowledgeDisk
KM World - Solutions for Business Performance Improvement

Knowledge Argumentation

Negotiating the Construction of Organisational MemoriesVisualising Argumentation - concept mapping tool
* Comparison - Symbolic and Probabilistic Argumentation Systems
* forming consensus - Knowledge Networks are the synergistic combination of enabling infrastructures including information infrastructure (e.g. computers, databases and digital libraries, computer-based user tools, visualization engines) connected through communication network
Atmospheric Research in Boulder, <BR><BR> Colorado.
* Internet-based intelligent tool to Support Collaborative Argumentation-based LEarning in secondary schools (SCALE project)
* Negotiating the Construction of Organisational Memories
* Statistical Inference to Legal Argumentation
A survey of knowledge sources in dialogue systems
Adaptive Co-Management of Forests - Criteria & Indicators and Modification Adaptation Tool
An annotation scheme for discourse-level argumentation in research articles
Argumentation and Critical Thinking Home Page
Argumentation and Discussion
Argumentation and the social grounds of knowledge (in MARION)
Argumentation/Persuasion: Logic in Argumentative
Co-operative problem-solving, Arg Dialogue, comp mediated interaction
CSTW - Psychology
From Story Boards to Knowledge Bases:
JIME: Industrial Strength CSCA...: Domain and Argumentation Knowledge
Knowledge Construction Glossary - Univ. of Colorado
Knowledge Networks - Univ. of Cali. Santa Barbara
Limits of Knowledge and the Human Person
Negotiating about Shared Knowledge in a Cooperative Learning Environment
Persuasive, Rational Argumentation in Writing
Quotes.On.Evaluation: Evaluating Knowledge Engineering
Records for Argumentation and the social grounds of knowledge. (in MARION)
Roger Hartley - Univ. of Leeds
The DARPA High Performance Knowledge Bases Project - using TMS

Knowledge Ecology


Knowledge Management Ele. Lib.
Knowledge Management: Controversies and Causess

Knowledge Sharing

1st Edinburgh Workshop on Formal Methods in Knowledge Sharing
ARPA Knowledge Sharing Effort public library
Knowledge Sharing Papers - Many papers
Paper: Enabing Technolgy for Knowledge Sharing
full text

Knowledge-Building through CSILE, FCL, Jasper
Orbital Software
Steffen Staab - home page
1999 - UK Academy for Information Systems Annual Conference

Knowledge Management, BPM and workflow

process model channel theory and Electronic Institution

electronic institution - agent based business operations
process model and channel theory

Best Practice - BPR - Call Centers and reengineering for the year 2000.
Finance - ROI for BPR and change management - financial analysis
Peer-to-Peer Working Group - Home
Tool - Web Time Mgmt tool - NASA
workflow engine - Oak Grove Systems Offers J2ee Workflow Engine for Bea's Weblogic
Paper - Translation IDEF3 to PSL - University of Maryland Computer Science Technical Reports
Workflow Application - NASA contract management
What Management Style is Considered Best for a Team-Based Organization and Why?
KIF - stanford - ARPA Knowledge Sharing Effort public library

Tool - collaboration tool - Mifflin, Compendium, QuestMAP

Mifflin Java developer - at KMI
Tools - Mifflin

tool - CG drawing tools - open sources

X-Smiles is a rather complete XML-based browser: handles JavaScript, SMIL,<BR>
Multivalent Home Page - CS Berkeley
Multivalent is an amazing project. It doesn't do all the things X-Smiles<BR>

* IBM - Home Page of Exotica Project at IBM Almaden Research Center
* IEEE Internet Computing Online - special issue on workflow
* MEMS Catalog of Processes
* MIT Process Handbook Project
* survey - SWIM - state of ART in BPM and workflow systems
* survey - workflow- bpm 2002 - market milestone report -DelphiGroup.com - Coverage - BPM/Web Services
* SWIM project home page - Workflow - SRI *****
* tutorial - Workflow Module Home Page
* Workflow Resources List
Knowledge Management and Workflow
***** Tools - list for workflow systems - brint.com - IE only
APQC: Process Classification Framework
assessment - workflow system - BizFlow- Delphi Group White Paper ***
Business Modelling for Understanding and Change
collaborative - Xerox European lab - hXRCE - Coordination Technologies - Prototypes: Webflow
Comparative - Europe Comparative study of workflow
conference - Adaptive Workflow System Workshop
conference - KAW96 Proceedings
Corporate Knowledge Management - AIAI
Emerald Journals, Business Process Management Journal
Eric Yu - student topics
tool - bpwin - Training Course: Introduction to BPwin, Process Modeling, Logic Works
Tool - Popkin Software SA Simulator: Designed to simulate IDEF3 Process Charts and process flows
IMMD6 - Research in Workflow Management - German Univ
Intelligent Workflow and Process Management - IJCAI Workshop, 1999
Knowledge Management - AIAI
Perspectives on BM - understanding changes - consortium and book
PIF - The Process Interchange Format Project
Process modelling
Process-Driven Intranets: Life-Cycle Support for Process Reengineering
RAL - Workflow Demonstrator
Six Sigma - I Six Sigma Quality Resources for Achieving Six Sigma Results
SixSigma - def - ge.com
TechWeb: The Business Technology Network
tool - IDEF3 workflow - BPwin Business Process Modeling
tool - Knowledge Management, Groupware and Collaboration Software
Tool - Novell's new tool maps workflow - Tech News - CNET.com
Tool - TEAMWORK - Proactive Workflow Analysis and Design - KBSI
Tool - workflow - yahoo
tool - Workflow software standard backed - Tech News - CNET.com
tool - workflow system - BizFlow - by Handysoft *****
tool - workflow system - doc mgmt - LaserFiche, Document Imaging for the real world.
tool - workflow system - Incodea Corporation - JAVA Workflow Software
tool - workflow system - Staffware PLC - Business Process Management and Workflow Solutions ***
tool - workflow system - Tonidi - Content and Doc Management - Together we're Better
tool - Workflow System - using J2EE - Workflow Management, Workflow Automation, Work Flow - WorkPoint by Insession Technologies
Workflow And Reengineering International Association

Knowledge Modelling

Conceptual Modelling

conceptual model - Graphic Organizers - Analyze - fishbone and spider map
conceptual model - Fishbone Analysis - cause and effect analysis
CG List Archive
1/2002 - Conceptual Graphs Home Page and conference
Visualisation of Natural Language and <BR><BR> its formal representations.

Consistency Checking

stdin: (DBWORLD) Workshop on Web Dynamics - Call for Participat

DEMO: Business modelling for business redesign - Dietz (ResearchIndex)


Home - lanner, support IDEF3, 1999
IDEF�� Overview
IDEF Methods - overview
National Institute of Standards and Technology - working with industry to develop apply technology, measurements, and standards
Search Results for 'IDEF3'
Using IDEF3 To Capture The Air Campaign Planning Process - AIAI


Common KADS - KADS-II Project

Knowledge Modelling - Knowledge Systems Web Site - AIAI



Model checking

Definitions for Safety and Liveness
The Kit: Overview - Model checking
Model Checking at CMU *****

Multi-Dimentional Modelling and Enterprise Modelling

Debbie Richards - home page - Marcquarie Univ., Sydney
Debbie Richards' Home Page
EIL - Enterprise Modelling Technical Papers*****
HPKB - Multi-Perspective Modeling - AIAI
AIAI, slides show
Inconsistency Handling in Multi-perspective Specifications - Finkelstein, Gabbay, Hunter, Kramer, Nuseibeh (citeseer - ResearchIndex) *****
John Kingston's Publications


MEMO - home page
MEMO - IWI: MEMO - meta model
MEMO - meta-model - 2
MEMO - Multi Perspective Enterprise Modeling (MEMO) - A TOOL *****
MEMO - Ulrich Frank - publications
MEMO - Ulrich frank - Research Index document query
MEMO - Ulrich Frank home page - MPEM
Peter Rittgen - Univ. of Koblenz-Landau
Peter Rittgen- Multiple-perspective Enterprise Modelling - Ulrich Frank Group

Ontology Merging Paper - Information Science Institute (Univ. of S. California) *****
ontology merging techniques between lexical ontologies is:<BR>
Ontology - SUO email Archives - for ontology@ieee.org: main page
The Object Management Group
Univ of Toronto - DCS - Steve Easterbrook (Home Page)
Eric Yu - University of Toronto - (Business) Strategic Dependency Model
-Business Knowledge Management<BR>
Univ. of Toronto - Knowledge Management Lab

Zachman - Multi-Perspective Modelling

Zachman - The Zachman Institute for Framework Advancement - co. home page
Enterprise Architecture Main - details ****



* Cyc

* Cycorp: Makers of the Cyc Knowledge Server for artificial intelligence-based Common Sense
Cyc Publications

* Ontoknowledge

Welcome to the OIL-Page - Ontology Oil
* Ontoknowledge - home page

* Ontology - SRKB Mail archives - stanford Univ.

* Ontology Org

Ontology.Org - Enabling Virtual Business
Ontology.Org - BPML - announcement archives

* OntoWeb

* OntoWeb Working Group on Process Standards
Rep standards, Edify.
* OntoWeb Homepage


ebXML - Austin

EB XML home page
ebxml - Electronic Business XML - SHEZAN TRADING CO.
ebxml pdf files


Diana's stuff about forms, Prolog and CGI
Forms in HTML documents *****
HTML Form Processing Modules Home Page


OCML Browser window - OU
OCML Web Kit architecture - OU *****


DAML and OIL ****
RDF tutorial ****

Semantic Web

Community Web Portal - Ontology-Learning.COM
Scientific American: Feature Article: The Semantic Web: May 2001
Semantic Web Research Community Ontology (SWRC)
Semantic Web roadmap
Semantic Web Workshop - Home


SOAP Version 1.2
W3C Semantic Web Activity
WSDL - Web Services Description Language (WSDL)
related: SOAP

WAP - BBC News | SCI/TECH | Gadgets are growing up
WordNet - Princeton Univ.


* I-X and INCA - XML Conventions
* XML core - Microsoft
IBM - XML Parser for Java : another alphaWorks technology
XML - oasis-open.org
XML DTD Tutorial - xml1101.com
XML Protocol - w3c
XML.com ****
XML.com - What is XML?

Yahoo! Groups : AI-OL

IEEE - Standard Upper Ontology Study Group
*** SUMO Ontology - IEEE Standard Upper Onto
Eclipse Template - SQ503 Homepage

Enterprise Ontology

Enterprise Project: The Enterprise Ontology
Enterprise Ontology - Product
Enterprise Ontology Index Page

Homepage of Frank van Harmelen - ontology - Amsterdam
KRAFT Project Home Page


Ontolingua server - Stanford KSL Network Services
Stanford KSL Ontology Editor
Sharable Ontologies Library: Ontolingua*****
Ontolingua Overview
Ontolingua Reference Manual
Ontology - Yahoo! Search Results

Ontology - HPKB Project

AI on the Web - DCS Berkeley
AIAI-HPKB-March97 - slides
Battlespace - Alpha Tech
CYC�簧 Documentation: Table of Contents *****
Evaluation of Intelligent Systems
HIKE (HPKB Integrated Knowledge Environement - Hike SAIC
HPKB - High Performance Knowledge Bases (HPKB) home page - Teknowledge
IET HPKB Home Page
Open Knowledge Base Connectivity Working Group - AI SRI

Ontology - SUO email Archives - for ontology@ieee.org: main page

Ontology Merger

HPKP, RKF, Oil Project<BR>

Deborah L. McGuinness, Standford Univ.
ontology, ontology for the web,<BR><BR> semantics of the web
Hans Chalupsky, Univ. S. California, Information Science Institute
OntoMorph - onto merging tool
Paper abstract: Enabling Tech for Know Sharing - KSL-93-22
abstract only
Paper: Enabing Technolgy for Knowledge Sharing
full text
Richard Fikes, Professor, Standford Univ.

Standardford Univ. - KSL

Class Class in theory Frame-Ontology
Ontolingua Home Page
Ontolingua server - Stanford KSL Network Services
Stanford Knowledge Systems Laboratory home page: Top level
T. Gruber Abstracts

Tom Gruber

Knowledge Sharing Papers - Tom Gruber
ARPA Knowledge Sharing Effort public library

Tove Ontology - Univ. of Toronto

Tove Enterprise Ontology
EIL - Enterprise Modelling Technical Papers*****
TOVE - process ontology
TOVE Ontologies - Univ. of Toronto - Project, Process (and business process?) Ontology

Organisational Modelling

Tools for inventing organizations: Toward a handbook of organizational processes
Department Publications Database - ORDIT
1990-1994, J.E. Dobson, A.J.C. Blyth, J. Chudge and M.R. Strens


Activity Diagram
Process Modeling

ontology - OntoWeb Report - Yannis Kalfoglou

OntoWeb - Login form
OntoWeb - OntoRoadMap Main Page


W3C Web Ontology (WebOnt) Working Group (OWL)
Home page of Guus Schreiber
Main - Feature Synopsis for OWL Lite and OWL
OWL Web Ontology Language 1.0 Abstract Syntax
OWL Web Ontology Language 1.0 Reference


Danny Brash - RE, EM, knowledge reuse, Patterns, Business Process Reuse
Mike Brayshaw - Hull Univ.
Mike Brayshaw - Lincoln Univ.
Yeh Ching Long - eCommerce - chinese

Problem Solving Method

* Problem-solving Method Reuse and Assembly
related: UPML
UCLA Computer Science Department Handbook - Problem Solving

Semantic Web

Semantic Web - Information Week > Semantic Web > The Next Web > October 10, 2002

Rosetta Net Home Page

Rosetta Net Home page
Welcome To RosettaNet


Welcome to the Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents
FIPA Home Page


Web Services Flow Language (WSFL)
Web Service Definition Language (WSDL)
IBM Software: Solutions: Web services by IBM: Homepage
IBM Software: Solutions: Web services by IBM: Documentation


washingtonpost.com - News Front


UMM - TMWG Modeling Methodology
Home Page of Chine-Long Yeh

set - Mathematical Background - John Sowa

Specifications, V&V

Formal Methods - V+V - John Rushby - Formal Method - stanford Univ.
V + V - Keijo Heljanko - symbolic and partial order methods, model checking
Computer Science: Publication: Strategies for Consistency Checking based on Unification
constraint checking
Correct: An Overview on Semantical Constraints for Database Models (ResearchIndex)
David Aspinall - Edin. Univ. - Type Systems for Modular Programs and specification
DB Group: Publications 1995 and 1996
Deduction and Consistency Checking in Object Oriented Schema Structures viewed as Logical Theories - Theodoratos (ResearchIndex)

Dependency Work in NLP

Consistency Checking
Constituency- and Dependency-based Annotation Schemata
Dependency Grammar - Main Page

Dr. Robert Plant - Ass. Prof. of Computer Information Systems Department
1996 - Validation, Verification and Refinement of KBS - ECAI
Model Checking at CMU *****
PhD Thesis: Type Systems for Modular Programs and Specifications
Strategies for Consistency Checking, the Choice of Unification (ResearchIndex)
Verification and Validation of Expert Systems - AAAI 17th conf *****
VV - Asun Gomez-Perez -- Publications - recom by Yannis


Usability Assurance
FTP Directory: ftp://ftp.mpce.mq.edu.au/pub/jrcase/sre-archive/


AIMS: Academic Information Management Systems - web documents archives - research tool - use Lotus domino
AI0 Win - KBSI


ARIS life cycle
ARIS Tool Set - by IDS Scheer AG (newer browser required)

BP Win

tool - bpwin - Training Course: Introduction to BPwin, Process Modeling, Logic Works
tool - Logic Works - bpwin


Introduction to Work Flow Modeling with BPSimulator
BPSimulator - its core mechanism is Arena
BPSimulator Updated and Repriced for Windows 95

Business Enterprise Mapping ***
business info drawing tool - SmartDraw Newsletter - June 2001 - Free Clip-Art, New Tutorials, Software Design Center, and more
CDIF Home Page
1/2002 - Conceptual Graphs Home Page and conference
Visualisation of Natural Language and <BR><BR> its formal representations.

Eric Yu

BPR Tools
Eric Yu - Home Page
Eric Yu - publications
Eric Yu - University of Toronto - (Business) Strategic Dependency Model
-Business Knowledge Management<BR>

Excel Software

tool - ExcelSoftware - Data/Control Flow Diagram (DFD, CFD)
tool - Excel Software - UML and other modelling tools - Software Engineering CASE Tools for Analysis, Design, Code Generation, Reengineering, OO, SA/SD and UML Modeling

FlowMark - IBM Business Process Tool

Flowmark - IBM - MQSeries Workflow & Flowmark information map
MQSeries Workflow & Flowmark information map
Sample code - EDMSuite FlowMark
Workflow-based applicationss

FOOL and FOX - fuzzy logic development tool
GemStone/J Application Server - JavaSuccess, I-Velocity *****
general site - Business Process Reengineering (BPR) & Innovation: @Brint.com (tm)


0 - HARDY 1.87 download - tidy-up version - June 2001
Hardy - download - old version - AIAI
Hardy example - Protocol Assistant - AIAI
Hardy Home Page - AIAI - old
Hardy 1.87 - Julian Smart


High Performance Systems, Inc.
ithink 5.1.1 - HPS Inc.
ithink Models



KBSI Software
FTP Directory: ftp://ftp.kbsi.com/

Knowledge Disk - File Sharing and Knowledge Management with KnowledgeDisk

Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes Tips, Tricks, Self Tests, Links

Mac A&D and Win A&D - by Excel Software


MEMO - Multi Perspective Enterprise Modeling (MEMO) - A TOOL *****


The Microsoft Select Scheme - Prices
Visio - Picture Your Processes with Visio 2002 Flowcharts *****
Visio - The Microsoft Select Scheme - Prices
Visio - tutorial list *****
Visio Home - Microsoft Office

Neptune System - Task Management Tool

Paradigm Plus - CA

Paradigm Plus
Paradigm Plus - Platinum - merged with CA (Computer Associate)

Process Model.com: the power of simulation combined with the ease of flow charting
process tool - Advanced Technologies and Approaches to Manufacturing and Business
Process Tool - start model - PHIOS : Products : Overview
vs. Autin's triangle model.
ProSim - KBSI


Documentation Set - local site
Documentation Set - Standard Univ.
Home Page
IEEE - Standard Upper Ontology Study Group
JDBC(TM) Technology
OKBC - introduction - A Programmatic Foundation for Knowledge Base Interoperability
Protege-2000: Home Page
RDF(S) Support
Teknowledge Corporation - Engineers of Intelligent Internet Transactions

Rational Rose

Experts in Object Oriented Modeling - rose business link

Re-engineering ToolKit

Reengineering books and toolkits (includes change management topics)
Reeingineering toolkit

Review of BPR tools - for business executives
Salamander - bpr company and tool

SAP R/3, EPC and Petri Net

0 - Welcome to SAP - home page
1 - SAP R/3 - personal page - consultation
1 - What is SAP R/3?
Coloured Petri Nets
CVOC Best Practices: BP and SAP
EPC - company - Services
Introductions to Petri Nets
Petri Nets examples *****
Petri Nets World
Pointers to Petri Net on-line info
SAP - knowledge management
SAP E-Business Solutions *****
SAP E-Business Solutions [R/3] *****
SAP home page
SAP R/3 - books

ServiceModel - OR
Siebel - a company for eBusiness Applications

Six Sigma - Precision Manufacturing Process

Action Six-Sigma Quality
Six Sigma Quality: Accomplishments, Opportunities, and Challenges. The 1999 ASA Quality and Productivity Research Conference (Main Page)
Six Sigma Quality - Qskill Discussion

Welcome to KBSI****

Topic Map

TopicMaps.Org Home Page
Topicmaps.net's Processing Model for XTM 1.0, version 1.0.2: A Processing Model for XML Topic Maps


UML semantics - Jennifer Tenzer - Research


Jihie Kim

workflow - Dynamic Workflow



XML Glossary
xml - Microsoft Research - Erik Meijer - mapping of OO, ER, XML

workflow standards

1-XML Processing Description Language (XPDL)

Knowledge Angels

Knowledge Angels - A Summary on 20 Slides - 02 Apr 2003

3 - Conferences, Journals

Citations for Journals


Athens home page
Athens Renewal Form - Edin. Lib.
ISI - Journal List Options *****
ISI - Journal Lists
Edinburgh University Library: Resources: Databases: Athens
JCR Web Help
Journal Citation Reports
1 - Edinburgh University Library: Resources: ATHENS access accounts

cityseer - ResearchIndex citation query


0 - Conference Home Pages

1 - Past Conferences by year


1994 - Virtual Summer School Project


1995 - CeBIT
1995 - IJCAI


1996 - Automated Deduction: Some Achievements and Future Directions
1996 - BPRSG 4th Annual Conference
1996 - ECAI96 Workshop Ontological Engineering
1996 - ICSE-18 Window on the World - software engineering
1996 - method engineering
1996 - Validation, Verification and Refinement of KBS - ECAI


1997 - Computational Logic Summer School
1997 - IEEE - transaction on SE
1997 - ISRE '97
1997 - IWPC-97 Call for Papers
1997 - The 10th Symposium and Exhibition on Industrial Applications of Prolog (INAP'97)


KAW'98 Proceedings
1998 - ICRE 98 Call for Papers
EWCBR88 - photo report
1998 - SEKE'98***


1999 UMBC
1999 - Banff KAW: Evaluation of KE Techniques ****
1999 - CE99: Concurrent Engineering Conference - Call for Papers - KE and BPR
1999 - CEUR-WS-18 - ontology conference
1999 - Design for collaboration - communities constructing technology - AI
1999 - IJCAI
1999 - IJCAI Workshop
1999 - IJCAI Workshop on Agent Communication Languages
1999 - JFACC Solicitation BAA99-18
1999 - Seminar at The Open University
1999 - small business - SMESME99 Home Page
1999 - Theoretical CS
1999 - UK Academy for Information Systems Annual Conference
1999 - Welcome to the ICCBR 1999 - CBR in BPR conference


KM talk SRI 2000 - Doug Engelbart's Colloquium at Stanford | Session 3: Mercelo Hoffmann
2000 - 5th ICIT - Jan 15
2000 - 9 Diagrams 2000
2000 3/25 - CAiSE*00 - BPR conference
2000 9 - EWCBR - 5th European Workshop on Case Based Reasoning
ECAI - PROPOSAL FOR International and Interdisciplinary Workshop on Building, Maintaining, and Using Organizational Memories
2000 - ECAI-2000 Tutorial - AI Techniques for Knowledge Management
2000 - FoIKS'2000 Call for Papers
2000 - part of CAiSE - Workshop on Practical Business Process Modeling
2000 - System Reengineering Patterns - Edin. Workshop
2000 - UKAIS
2000 - Welcome to ICCI 2000 Home Page
2000 1/18 - IAAI-2000 Conference - applied AI
2000 2/11 - bprc workshop - Day 1 session 1
2000 3/21 - Publish your manuscript with the Association of Management
2000 3/23,24 - Workshop - Edin. Univ.
2000 4/14 - JFACC Symposium
2000 5 - Change 2000 US - BPR application conference
2000 5/15 Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM)
2000 5/15 Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM)
2000 6/30 - ICMIT Homepage - IEEE management conference ****
2000 6/30 - PAKM2000: Third International Conference on Practical Aspects of Knowledge Management
ES2000: Twentieth SGES International Conference on KBS and Applied AI
The Knowledge Challenge - KM and CBR Workshop in Japan
Supporting Organisational Learning:<BR><BR> Knowledge Management and Case-based Reasoning
2000 8 - ECAI Workshop - Binding Environmental Sciences and Artificial Intelligence (BESAI 2000)
2000 8/13 - IEEE TQM - East London Business School - Chris Seow
2000 9 - OOIS 2000 - Object Technology and New Business Opportunities
AAAI Spring Symposium 2000 - Bringing Knowledge to Business Processes
cbr - 5th AWCBR 2000, Trento Italy
ECAI 2000 paper formatting
ECAI'2000 Workshop KM + OM - Proceedings

INAP 2000 - The 13th International Conference on Applications of Prolog

IF Computer - application of Prolog
INAP Info Page for subscription to the mailing list
The Knowledge Challenge - KM and CBR Workshop in Japan
Supporting Organisational Learning:<BR><BR> Knowledge Management and Case-based Reasoning

Introduction to The Institute of Information Scientists


11/16/2001 - FLAIRS 2002: Special Track on Semantic Web
11/15/2001 - Flairs 2002 - categorization theory
11/1/2001 - KR2002 Home Page
Knowledge Acquisition Workshops home page
1 - IJCAI 2001 - proceedings for Onto Learning on-line - CEUR-WS.org/Vol-47
1 - IJCAI-01 - Call for Papers
1 - IJCAI-01 - home page
CIMA 2001 - conf list *****
1/08 - IJCAI 2001 main conference - International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence
1/15 - SEKE'01 Home Page - Argentina - Date: 6/13-15
1/17 - IAAI 2001 - Date: 8/7-9 *****
1/22 - ICML-2001 - The 18th Int Conf on Machine Learning
10/2001 - PLANSIG 2001
AI Symposium Edinburgh April 2001 call for participation
2/12 - IJCAI - Doctoral Consortium (DC)
2/15 - IEEE - 5th Int. Symposium on RE, Date 8/27-31 2001, Toronto, Canada
2/15 - IJCAI OM and KM Workshop - Date: 8/6 *****
4/1 - Asia - Web Intelligence - 10/23-26
3/21 - IJCAI - workshop on E-Business and the Intelligent Web
4 - KI-2001
4/1 - Conference of Professors and Heads of Computing - phd thesis competition
4/15 - ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC'01) - Florida 10/14-17
4/15 - Semantic Web Workshop 7/30-31, 2001
4/18 - IEEE - Computer Magazine - focus paper: KM *****
4/25, 5/1 - K-CAP 2001 - recommended by AKT - 10/21-23
7 - KCAP 01 Markup and Annotation Workshop
7/1 - INAP 2001 - SOL - Date: 10/20-22
8/1 - INAP 2001 main conference - Date: 10/20-22 - publish in Springer-Verlag
8/24 - Journal - IBTE The Institution of British Telecommunications Engineers
AAAI - 2001 Spring Symposium Series - Date: 3/26-28
Annual Research Report - Human Communication Research Centre: Home Page
CBRII 2001 - Key West, Florida, Date: 5/12-23
Cognitive Science 2001 -- Main Page
FOIS 2001 - Formal Ontology in Information Systems
ICCBR 2001 :: Main
ICCBR'01 in Vancouver pictures
ICSC-NAISO Home Page - home page of ISI, CIMA, ICAIS, etc.
ISAI 2001 International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence Fort Panhala,
KM conference - Knowledge Board - Home
UK Workshop on Computational Intelligence 2001
UKCI 2001 - invited talks
UKCI 2001 - UK Workshop on Computational Intelligence 2001

PKAW 2000
European conference on KM 2001 - Proceedings


* AAAI 97 Spring Symposium on AI in KM
* AI Magazine Home Page - quartly *****
AAAI - list of past conferences
Adaptation of Knowledge for Reuse - tech rep '95
Agent Based System in Business Context - tech rep '99
Bringing Knowledge to Business Processes - tech rep '99
CBR - workshop paper '93
CBR and IE - tech rep '93
CBR book
KM and Business process - tech rep '99 *****
Using AI in E-Commerce, Virtual Org and Enterprise KM to Re-eng Corp - tech rep '97
Validation and Verification of Knowledge-Based Systems - tech rep '93


ACM: SIG - Ecommerce Exchanges - Newsletter
0 - ACM Brings You the World of Computing home page
* Welcome to the ACM Digital Library
* Journal of the ACM - home page
Publishing 6 times per year.<BR><BR> 8 months waiting time for publication
0 - Trans. On Computational Logic - publish quartly *****
ACM Digital Library: Analysis of Neural Net Applications Conference
ACM Digital Library: Computer Supported Cooperative Work
ACM Digital Library: Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia
ACM Digital Library: Conference on Knowledge Discovery in Data
ACM Digital Library: Conference on Supporting Group Work
ACM Digital Library: International Conference on Autonomous Agents
ACM: Journals and Magazines
ACM: list of Events and Conferences
ACM: Publications
ACM: Special Interest Group on Electronic Commerce - list of conf*****
ACM: Special Interest Groups home page
JACM: Journal of ACM: Scope and Charter*****
SIGAR - list of Events and Conferences *****
SIGART home page - special interests on AI *****


CIMA 2001 - conf list *****
CIMA - Intel Finance Marketing


ECAI - PROPOSAL FOR International and Interdisciplinary Workshop on Building, Maintaining, and Using Organizational Memories


0 - Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) home page
Electronics Letters - Guide to Authors
IEE Journals


IEEE Intelligent Systems
All IEEE conference
IEEE - tools in AI - ICTAI2000 ****
IEEE Expert: Intelligent Systems and their applications - AI on WWW


IJCAI - AI and Business


INAP home (2) - International Conference on Applications of Prolog
INAP home (1) - Inter. Conf on App. of Prolog


Knowledge Acquisition Workshops home page

List of Conferences

Proceeding of BPM - ECITE 2001 - MCIL Management Centre International Ltd, courses, conferences, books, consultancy, and a topical paper each month
On line proceeding of ICCBR workshop
German- AI conference - in German
German Society of Informatics - in German
ICSC-NAISO Home Page - home page of ISI, CIMA, ICAIS, etc.
List of European Conferences
List of Verification and Validation of Expert Systems - conference and workshops - AAAI, IJCAI

SSGRR - of only commercial value ??

International Conference on Advances in Infrastructure for Electronic Business, Science, and Education on the Internet
Prof. Veljko M. Milutinovic, ETF BG

Summer School

2001 Complex Systems Summer Schools - Virginia

WSC6 - 6th World Conference on Soft Computing

Current Conferences

* CISA - conference of interests list
* IJSEKE - International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering
* Journal of the ACM - home page
Publishing 6 times per year.<BR><BR> 8 months waiting time for publication
* KAIS - Knowledge And Information Systems: An International Journal
* Knowledge Management Europe 2001 - free - IE or higher Netscape required
lots of European companies are involved.


European Conference Knowledge Management - ECKM 02 Proceedings
2002 - Goal-Oriented Business Process Modeling workshop
PKAW 2002
Kluwer book - KLUWER academic publishers | Knowledge Management and Organizational Memories
1/20 - KRDB-2002 - KR and DB
1/2002 - Conceptual Graphs Home Page and conference
Visualisation of Natural Language and <BR><BR> its formal representations.
1/21 - AAAI 2002 - The Eighteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-2002)
11/30 - European conference on business and management methodologies - email only
The European Conference on Research<BR>
12/1 - Experience Management
3/15 - WACE 2002 - call for Abstracts
4/15 - EKAW 2002 home page - published in Lec Note by Springer
4/24 - CIA-2002 Workshop - Cooperative Information Agents
6/14 - ECOM-02 - ecommerce, Poland
9/2/2002 Workshop on Practical Business Process Modeling
9/20 - web technologies
Automated Software Engineering

BCS Expert Systems

9/30 - ES2002 Workshop
6/17 - ES2002: Twenty-second SGAI International Conference on KBS and Applied AI

ECAI 2002

ECAI 2002 - format file
ECAI 2002 schedule - Lyon 21-26 july 2002
2002 - 3/15 - ECAI 2002 (7/21-26)
ECAI 2002 - LATEX style file

ECCBR-2002: Workshop on Case Based Reasoning and Personalisation
Gap-bridging seminar - between planning and scheduling
Knowledge Technologies 2002 - conference
Managing Complex Organizations
Planning - PLANET: European Network of Excellence in AI Planning
planning - UK Planning and Scheduling Special Interest Group

SEKE 2002

2002 - 3/12 - SEKE 2002 (7/15-19) - published by ACM press
2002 - 3/12 - SEKE'02 - submission form

Semantic Web and Applications
Welcome Author - SEKE


1/14 - IJCAI Aug 9-15 2003
1/21 - IAAI Aug 12-14, 2003
3/15/2003 - Goal-Oriented BPM - Emerald Journals, Business Process Management Journal
9/2/2002 Workshop on Practical Business Process Modeling
Middleware 2003 - Workshops

SIG on Ontology Environments - KM, enterprise, e-commerce
Women on Top: Reflections on Women in Science - University of Aberdeen

Journals, Books and E-Publications

* IEEE on-line FREE E-Journals
* Journal Catalogue - Cambridge University Press
1998 - INTERFACES 28:5 Sep-Oct 1998 Table of Contents and abstracts - journal for manufacturing community - CBR
A list of Artificial Intelligence Journals


* Welcome to the ACM Digital Library

Applied Artificial Intelligence - Journal
Artificial Intelligence in Engineering - Journal
Artificial Intelligence Journals
Book Publication - KLUWER academic publishers | Book Style Files
Computer Science/AI Journals
CUP Journals On Line - Cambridge University Press - including example volumns of Knowledge Engineering Review
ECAI'2000 Workshop KM + OM - Proceedings

Emerald Journal

Emerald Journals on-line access
Emerald Journals, Business Process Management Journal

Emergence: A Journal of Complexity Issues in Organizations and Management

ES with Applications

Expert Systems With Applications (1)
Expert Systems With Applications (2)
Expert Systems with Applications (3)


IEE Online Journals
Electronics Letters - Guide to Authors
IEE - Electronics Letters


AI Magazine Author Guidelines - for journal
Computer Society Digital Library - IEEE
computer.org: Home of the IEEE Computer Society
IEEE Home Page
IEEE Intelligent Systems
Welcome to IEL Online - IEEE on-line

IEEE Journals - subscriptions required

IEEE Intelligent Systems - Coalition, May/June (Vol. 17, No. 3)
Welcome to IEEExplore - home page
IEEE Software, KM issue - May/June 2002 (Vol. 19, No. 3)
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering,May/June 2002 (Vol. 14, No. 3)

International Journal of computer integrated design and construction - intelligent and multi-agent based systems
ISO homepage, English, with graphics
ITJournal Home - BPR - GartnerGroup
KM - &quot;AI in Knowledge Management&quot; - KBS Journal Special Issue - Elsevier Science
KM - ARK Group - Knowledge Management Magazine - the online information source for intranet and information specialists
KM - JKML - Knowledge Management Practice: Library
KM - JKML - Knowledge Management Practice: Welcome
KM - MCB - Knowledge Management: Journal Homepage
Knowledge and Information Systems: An International Journal
Knowledge Engineering Review - examples volumns of 1999, 1997
NRC Library Database - Canadian Scientific and Technical Info
SEI Interactive - Web publication of the Software Engineering Institute - 1999
Stockton Press Home Page
The WWW Virtual Library: Conferences
Welcome JASS Journal
1/14 - CFP in Journal - Emerald Journals, Business Process Management Journal

Survey Papers

Overview of Constraints Research

* AI Magazine Home Page - quartly *****
7th HLRS Metacomputing and Grid Workshop
List - Home Pages of ML & CBR Folks
List - The UK Institute of Informatics
paper-archives - HomePageSearch
IRIA: 2002 (Call for Papers)

4 - bookstores and libraries

Book Stores

Academic Reference Centre
AIIM International - book store - need JAVA applet


Amazon.co.uk Refer-A-Friend
internet - Amazon.com - USA
internet - Amazon.com ***
internet - Amazon.co.uk - UK

Artificial Intelligence Resources
book Search - Geo Cities


Welcome to Amazon.co.uk - amazon uk
BookCloseOuts.com Bargain Books - In Hostile Territory
BookCloseOuts.com - Purchase Confirmation
Receipt # 22A05F0NS1S92NN000JP4NGWV3 - BookCloseOuts.com
Receipt # 22A05F0NS1S92NN000JP4NGWV3 - receipt

Bookmarks of Chris Lin
British Library
Cambridge University Press
Internet Book Shop
internet bookshop - BOOKSAMILLION.COM (BAMM.COM) *****
internet bookshop - RedNet WWW
James Thin Booksellers - Home Page
* Edinburgh University Library: Library Online
NVL Computer Science Subject Guide (Public)
Online Publications
Prentice Hall: Professional Technical Reference - publisher
Recommend book by sky - Taiwan - ��‰� �簪�ž�™��{�ž����‹�™�”�繡�”�簧����€”�Ž™��™’I
Strategic Directions in Computing Research - home page
Taiwan &quot;Potato&quot; Bookstore - �ž���…�™’�繡� �žT/�’���簧���/�™�”�繡�”�簧����”��
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Publishers - bookstores
Virtual Computer Library
WebSPIRS: Login to WebSPIRS
Wiley Computer Publishing - John Wiley and Son Book Store


Library Catalogues

British Library - London
Cambridge library
Edinburgh City Library
Edinburgh Univ Library
Heriot Watt Univ. Library
Master and Phd thesis - commercial
Napier Univ Library
taiwan library
Taiwan National Library
Thesises - commercial

* Edinburgh University Library: Library Online
* IEEE - Journal Articles - Free
* Welcome to the ACM Digital Library
Boot Trap - BI Publications
Catalogue - Univ Library Catalogue*****
Computer Science DB
Computer Society Digital Library
DAI Library - Edin. Lib.
Electric Library Personal Edition
IEE - Menus - News *****
McAfee.com - Virus Information Library
New Zealand DB
Other related e-journals and websites
references - BIDS Web Databases
Search the Digital Library - IEEE
The Electronic Stacks Project - AI and Logic
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Artificial Intelligence
Welcome to IEL Online - IEEE on-line

5 - All Topics

1.1 - Edin Univ.

Admin and General

* Contacting the Division of Informatics - maps
1 - Edin Univ. Term Times and Holidays
5/29 - conference room - The Cramond Room
Agenda of the Computing Committee Meeting 14th December 1999
AISoc Magazine - edin univ local magazine
Departments and Units : Alphabetical List
Division of Informatics General Committee Minutes
Division of Informatics Policy Committee Minutes - AIAI excellent performance
Division of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh
Division of Informatics: Internal Institute Email Lists
Division of Informatics: Planning and Resources Committees
Dynamic Diary - University of Edinburgh: Diary of Events
Edin Univ - Insurance for Travel - Dec 2002
Edin Univ. Arrangement - Christmas Closure Arrangements
Edinburgh Univ. Staff News
Edinburgh University Student Email Directory
email list for informatics - Interim Informatics Student Lists
FH site meeting - ANC Bulletin Board
Firbush Home Page
Fire Brigade Industrial Action - UOE guidelines
Gifts @ UoE


Univ. Health Center

Health Service (University)
Informatics - News and Events
Informatics - Van Booking Sheet
informatics use - Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Manager - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
lists.informatics.ed.ac.uk Mailing Lists
Map of EH1 1HN
Open Letter from the Principal Open Letter from the Principal
PhD Students by Institute, Division of Informatics
Policy meeting: Minutes of 4th October 2000
Postgraduate Study Programme: Regulations
Restructuring - Univ of Edin
Science and Engineering at Home
Software Engineering Programme
Staff Discounts - affiliated shopping
Staff List - personnel dept.
The Faculty of Science and Engineering
The Times Student Awards 2000
University email and telephone directory
Welcome to the International Office
0-The University of Edinburgh Academic Calendar 1999-2000

Admission Req. for Students - undergrad. and postgrad.


0-fundings for all students
0-fundings for overseas students - Postgraduate Awards and Scholarships
National Science Council of Taiwan
Home page - The British Council Taiwan
Are Postgraduate Scholarships Available - Education - The British Council Britain
Sources of Funding for International Students - Education - The British Council Britain

English Requirements to Edin. Univ.

University Phd Regulations

PhD regulations - pdf file in details
Postgraduate Study Programme 2002-2003

Msc Projects

MSc Projects in Informatics 2001-2002
MSc Projects in Knowledge Based Systems 2001-2002

Communications & Public Affairs
Postgraduate Study Programme: Regulations


aiai - AIAI Staff vs. Technology Areas
AIAI Training
AIAI's Charges for Services
Intelligent Systems - Planning and Activity Management
Knowledge Systems
Road Map Terminology (for AIAI) - Austin


CISA Home Page
CISA Newsletter - Story Page
CISA Newsletter at OU
CISA research staff appraisal
Edinburgh South Bridge design competition


0 - Computing Services home page
AIAI Computing Strategy
Cold Fusion Service
Computing Doc - AIAI
Connecting to the University-Dial-Up Service - Index
DICE Deployment
Info Page - Computing support in informatics *****
NEW - EdLAN Dial-up Service
Proxy Cache Service - free internet connection *****
Remote Access to DAI Computers
Software Manuals - at DAI
Software(CD-ROM)(Facsimile) - CD ROM drivers for old AIAI machines
The Microsoft Select Scheme - Prices
The Printer Accounting System
The University-Dial-Up Service - PC Internet *****
Also refer to the "PPP Connection<BR><BR> Instruction" Folder.


Artificial Intelligence Research Methodologies - AI course - Alan Bundy
Career Planning & Interviewing Skills
Computing Service Courses - Advanced Web Authoring
EPSRC Information for Current Students - trainning
Modern Language Summer 1999 Timetable

Intellectual Property Rights - IPR

Dealing with Journalists.
Division of Informatics: Policy on Publications

Law Firm

Solicitor: Fiano Nicolson

Maclay Murray & Spens - Law Firm and Solicitors - Scotland
Policy Decisions
Section 6 - Edin Univ Policy

Open Studies at the Centre for Continuing Education - Edin. Univ
Start-up Business - Course Information - run by Edin. Univ. Scottish Enterprise
Transferable Skills - Programme Content

Edin Univ Business Center

Edinburgh University Entrepreneurial Society


EAUT - Fixed Term Contracts
Further particulars
HR Forms
job title
Researcher Development Main Page
School of Interdisciplinary Computing and Engineering

sick leave benefits

University of Edinburgh - Maternity Leave
University of Edinburgh - leave 2
University of Edinburgh - leave
Sickness Absence Policy

Staff Development Section Home Page
The University of Edinburgh Personnel Department

Vancancies in the Univ.

Informatics at Edinburgh Vacancies: Readership/Lectureship Appointments


AIAI Travel Fund Allo. - Division of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh


TMR Applications Form
TRACS Application
TRACS: Guidelines for Applicants

Travel Fund - Division of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh
Travel Fund - Student - Edinburgh University Regulations and Codes of Practice
Travel Grant - Informatics Graduate School
welcome to the TARDIS project website


Amazing photos using AI techniques - young scientist award of the year

Informatics Jamboree

Informatics Jamboree 2002 Programme
Informatics Jamboree Home Page
Informatics Jamboree Posters

Informatics Web Mail

Computer Systems
IMP - Informatics Mail Page


Informatics - Latex
Informatics - Latex Documentation
Latex Style for Thesis: Informatics thesis class

Library and Publications

Artificial Intelligence in the Cinema DVD Collection
Catalogue - Univ Library Catalogue*****
DAI Database: Documents by Keyword
EarthWeb ITKnowledge Home Page - Electronic Library of books - need password
Edinburgh University Library: Services: Binding Services
Informatics Library Committee
Informatics Research Report Index
Informatics Research Reports Series

Manuals and Documents

SICStus Prolog User's Manual - Predicate Index

Research Report Submission Form - informatics report series
Web of Science - Library Access from DAI

National e-Science Center

Professor Malcolm P Atkinson

Natural Language Processing - Edinburgh

Rhetorical Systems Ltd.
The LTG Home Page

Organisations and Units


ERI - Edinburgh Research and Innovation - Richard Wheeler
ERI - edin univ. - Edinburgh Research and Innovation

Informatics Graduate School: Graduate School Background


Alexios home page at DAI
Bonnie Webber
Chris Lin
Chris Mellish

Dave Robertson

SLIE Welcome Page

ICCS - Institute of Communicating and Collaborative Systems

About the Institute for Communicating and Collaborative Systems
Profile - Institute for Communicating and Collaborative Systems
The LTG Home Page

josh's home page
Marco Carvalho
Mathematical Reasoning Group
Michael Fourman's Home Page
Samson Abramsky : Home Page
Simon Colton - Edin Univ.
Siu-wai Leung
Sonia Schulenburg's Home Page


DAI RVG Seminars
EPCC-TEC Seminars
ICCS/HCRC Seminar *****
Informatics Jamboree
Informatics Jamboree 2001 Programme
Interdisciplinary Tea
Interdisciplinary Tea
IPAB seminars, Edinburgh University
IRR Seminars
Jamboree - latex style for Poster
LFCS seminars - Semantics Club
The Milner Lecture
The Turing Lecture
The Wednesday Club - Edin. Univ. Concurrency Talks
Third Scottish Constraints Meeting
Tuesday 19th January, Seminars on Program Schemas and Proof Planning

1.2 - Information A-M

Book Serial Numbers

ISSN FAQ (Library of Congress)
International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

Business and Organisation

Data Systems and Solutions - IE only
Welcome to GSM World - The Home of GSM on the Web - mobile phone company


Welcome to NextCard - VISA card
Royal Bank of Scotland
Bank of Scotland
Abbey National plc

Buy Computer

Thinkpad 240

Charity Organisation

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Communication Platform


Government Institution

Scottish International Resource Programme - Work - The British Council Scotland
The British Council, United Kingdom

Royal Mail

Royal Mail


AllAdvantage.com: Frequently Asked Questions
eToys: Busy Blanket
Welcome to The Metro City


IBD Catalogs - old
Division Home Page - PTC
Unilever Research - General Introduction covering Unilever, R&D, our organisation and our laboratories
Unilever Research - Contact Addresses and Details
Management Engineering Company: CIDAI
IBM Corporation
Technology Australasia home page
Institute for Information Technology
IF Computer
Apple Support and Information Web


BT homepage
Cabletron Systems - Your e-Business Communications Specialist
Hewlett-Packard UK - E-Services, Computers, Storage,Servers, Networking, Printers, Digital Imaging, Software, Measurement Products
Phone free telephones
Welcome to AT&T
Yahoo! Business and Economy:Companies:Computers:Communications and Networking:Hardware:Cabletron Systems, Inc.

Web Generation Companies

Index - Facilitators

Chinese - Read and type

�禮�‰�糧N�„H�翻c - collective sites for loading Chinse fonts
��‰� �簪�ž�™��{�•���簣d�…�…�禮�‰ - Hua Kung corp.
(1) How to View Chinese/Japanese/Korean HTML with Netscape Communicator on US version of Windows 95 or NT - download
(2) How to decode Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified in Netscape - installation instructions
Taiwan - Academic Sinica - Get Chinese Fonts**
Chinese language
Download chinese fonts for Netscape
IE5 - Microsoft Windows Chinese Fonts
NJStar Chinese/Japanese/Korean Software (�„n�š�ž�…P�糧n�ž�糧�ž�翻�žq)
RichWin - get chinese fonts
TwinBridge Software Corporation
Unionway - get chinese fonts
View Chinese WWW Information on Windows 95
Yahoo Chinese - get chinese fonts

Companies - UK

Autonomy - Automating the Digital Economy

Computer Images

Desktop Wall Paper - require new version of web browser
Assorted Buttons/Bullets/Icons/Images/Lines
interesting images techniques

Computer Softwares/Languages

Adobe Acrobat Free Reader - to read PDF files
All About LaTeX2HTML
Apple Macintosh Computer - free download
Chinese-Language-Related Information Page
CLIPS - Manuals - AI, Univ of Edin
CLIPS - Obtaining a Copy of CLIPS - NASA Johnson Space Center
CLIPS - The Language List - Multiple languages *****
CLIPS - user manual - CMU
CLIPS user manual - NWU
CLIPS: A Tool for Building Expert Systems - NASA
Creating HTML Documents
Games - Filez
HotJava(tm) Product Family
HTML - How to Make Great WWW Pages!
NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML Home Page
JAVA - Getting Started with Java
JAVA info - personal page
Java(tm) Agent Template
LEGO Lab - World Champion Robots playing football
LISP - Common Lisp the Language, 2nd Edition
LISP info
Microsoft Office - Evaluation
Software Manuals - at DAI
texi2html - a Texinfo to HTML Translator
The GIMP Homepage - gnu image manipulation program
The Web Wanderer's List of Linux and UNIX Resources
Topic: areas/expert/systems/clips/doc/
XML.com - What is XML?


DAI and AIAI Industrial Seminars Programme 1998 - 1999
EPSRC Graduate Schools - transferable skills courses
Knowledge Asset Management
Stevenson College Edinburgh Welcome Page
VACANC - transferable skills courses in Edin Univ

Dictionaries and Search Engines


BABEL: A Glossary of Computer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms
***** Hypertext Webster Gateway at UCSD - Dictionary
***** NIST Dictionary for algorithm and data structure
AltaVista Translations - Multi-Lingual
ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary Form
Dictionary: ARTFL Project: Webster
Dictionary: Terms - science
General Dictionaries Info
Hypertext Webster Interface
Online Dictionary
The new English-German Dictionary
The Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus
Webster Dictionary
WWWebster Dictionary - Results screen

Search Engine

�穢_�翹�簪�簪�繡 kimo !!! - Taiwan Search Engine
a internet corp
Ahoy! The Homepage Finder v3.0
AltaVista: Main Page
American School Directory
AOL NetFind
Archive Tools
Author Tree
BT PhoneNetUK - UK online phone directory
CitySearch Map **
CNET.com - Shareware.com
Coo - Taiwan search engine
Developer.com channel - Microsoft
Dogpile: Search Results {banff} -p.1
GNN Best of the Net Honorees
Gradfinder - Keeping people in touch around the world.
HiNet Home Page - chinese
HotBot - English search engine
Husky search at Washington Univ.**
Index of /Vlib/Providers
InfoSeek Net Search
Internet Address Finder - Email Directory
Internet Business Directory
Internet Explorer Products Download
IntraNet Solutions - delivering results - now!
Intranet Solutions - Home Page
KIMO - Taiwan search engine
Lycos - search www sites
Monster Search - Taiwan search engine
My Excite Start Page
Openfind - Search enginer Taiwan
ResearchIndex - citation Index - NECI *****
Royal Mail - Postal Services Guide
Search - IT management
search - Meta Crawler *****
Starting Places for Exploring the Web
The Appointments Section
to'do-PC home Online - taiwan search engine
UK Map - motorway map
UK Map - Multimap.com: Online Maps to Everywhere.
UK Sensitive Map - Universities
UK Street Map - search by address
voice mail - Welcome to iHello.com
Welcome to 100hot.com - The Web's Most Popular Sites!
Welcome to Neutron, Inc.
Yahoo - Chinese
Yahoo - city search by address - USA
Yahoo! Company Profile and Financials FAQ
Yahoo! UK & Ireland
Yam - Taiwan Search Enginer
Yell - yellow pages - telephone directory

Earth Quake

American Red Cross - Disaster Services - Earthquakes
FEMA: Fact Sheet Earthquakes
USGS National Earthquake Information Center: Earthquake Information for the World
Welcome to the Global Earthquake Response Center!


RAE 2001 : Results


American Embassy London
American Embassy London Visa Services: B-1/B-2 Visas for Temporary Visitors
Immigration and Nationality Directorate home page
Mexican Embassy to the UK. Home Page
Nationals of the European Economic Area

Free Group/Email/Fax/Internet Access

Register.com - Domain Name Registration Services
Coppit.com - web services provider
Sinamail - free email account

Internet Info

Internet Analysis

Analog: WWW logfile analysis
Welcome! | NedStat Basic Website, United Kingdom - web counter
Internet Mapping Project

Internet Cache Services

Proxy Cache Service - free internet connection *****

Internet Conferencing

MBONE: Multicasting Tomorrow's Internet
LIVE.COM - Mbone
Networking on the Network***

Audio Support

RealNetworks - The Home of Streaming Media

JANET Video Services
JANET Videoconferencing Services - Home Page
Procedure for setting up and using Netmeeting ***
SuperJANET Video Conferencing - book
Videoconferencing Advisory Service

Internet Web DB

Cold Fusion Service

Internet Whiteboard

Welcome to Brainstormers Web Factory


Directory of /pub/user
Directory of /info_service

BBC Beeb.com

Welcome to freebeeb.net


eGroups : My Groups

GeoCities - The Largest Community on the Web!
Hotmail - The World's FREE Web-Based Email
Login - excite
Personal Home Pages on MSN - Main Page - free home page
TPC.INT: Send a free fax
USA.com - USA.com
Welcome to AltaVista FreeAccess! - free only in US and Canada
Welcome to Yahoo! Mail

Free Software

Free - Corbis Screensavers
GNU home page - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)


Edinburgh University Department of Architecture
Supernet - James Wu
Anthemion Software

Wen Fei's Baby Photo

Welcome to Sydney Adventist Hospital
SANbabies - Matching Babies

Wendy Hsu


artist - Regina Fernandes - aiai
Fun pictures - singing
Mexican Society in Edin. Univ - Mexicnos en Edimburgo


Dilbert Zone - Cartoon
Comics Scripts - Dilbert, etc
Dilbert Zone - The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams - Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!
Official Site For Garfield And Friends

Country Park in Edinburgh

Vogrie Country Park


Edinburgh LatinHispanic Music and Dance Guide for salsa and tango
Edinburgh Swing Dance Society
Edinburgh Swing Dance Society - Edin Univ.
EUNSCDS - Scottish country dancing
Fiesta Latina home page *****
Latin Edinburgh - dancing - long list
Salsa Dance Class *****
Swing Dance Scotland
Welcome to Salsascene


Amazon.com: buying info: The 90/10 Weight Loss Plan


Japan - The Royal Society - Events Diary
Royal Air Force Leuchars Airshow 2000


* Edin Univ - Informatics DVDs on AI in Cinema
* 55th Edinburgh International Film Festival - 2001
* AI- Film
* Cinema and Film finder *****
* Dominion Cinemas
* Edinburgh Film Listing
* UCI Cinema
AI - film
Cameo - The Edinburgh Cameo Page - local site
Cameo - Welcome to the Cameo Cinema - central site
Celebs @ Hollywood.com - Your entertainment source for movies, movie showtimes, movie reviews, television and celebrity news.
Chess Game - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Disney.com -- Where the magic lives online!
Filmhouse Home Page *****
Hollywood.com -- Where moviegoers go.
Jurassic Park III - Trailer
Movie Review - 'Yi Yi (A One and A Two)' review
MTV Online: Real World VII - Seattle
Rolling Stone
Universal Studio Operations
Yahoo! Movies: A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (2001) - Movie Info


The Tea Council Online
Kona Coffee Company
Home and Family: In The Kitchen / index of recipes
Epicurious Food; Travel: Preview Page

Fun Edinburgh - group events

Seeing Underground Edinburgh
Witchery Tours: Home
What's Under the Kilt? - Introduction
Clanranald: Home


* Game Domain
Intelligent Bridge Game player - GIB (Ginsberg's Intelligent Bridgeplayer)
developed by <BR><BR> http://www.cirl.uoregon.edu/research/gib.html
JPEG image 866x589 pixels - the phd game
M83.net - Start up company at KB - Game Developers

Tomb Raider


Unreal - virtural reality game


Jokes - laugh lab


The UK National Lottery - merseyworld.com
The Official National Lottery Web Site
The National Lottery Game - Number Search Results - new page


Interactive 1997 @ nationalgegoraphic.com


Inspiration: visual thinking and learning software - mindmap software


Netscape Radio - Radio
Home Page - to buy Taiwanese CDs


eGroups : et-badminton Messages :43-65 of 65


funding - Welcome to ICT
funding - EPSRC Web Site - UK Taiwanese Scholarship
Proof of Concept Fund - Scottish Enterprise
Research Funds Information News Service


Pigeon Rank
Google Technology
About Google

Greeting Cards

Dilbert - greeting card
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards - general
Edinburgh and Lothians Tourist Board - Photo Gallery
Garfield Greeting Card - requires flash plug-in
greeting card - KIMO
Greeting Cards - Humour at Work
Here Kitty Kitty Postcards... at Beware of Cat!
Yahoo! Greeting cards

Hair Style

Hair Styles of the Stars by George Caroll


Disease information : Foot and mouth disease (MAFF, UK)
New Scientist: Sugar and spice
RSI Links
RSI-UK: About the RSI Association


Health - dream
Health - Psychology
Health - Sleeping
Health - Sleeping - Psychology
Health On-Line - Sleeping - Chinese Big 5

IALS - Institute for Applied Language Studies

IALS - Modern Language Courses: Summer 2000
IALS Home Page
Italian - Modern Language Summer 1999 Timetable
ML Menu
Modern Language Course Timetable
Modern Language Summer 1999 Timetable

Internet communication


PPP Connection Instructions

Frank Condron's World O'Windows - Windows CE PPP Connection
Dialing in and Making Your PPP Connection
WinFiles.com PPP Connection Setup Tutorial
PPP Connection Instructions
Free PPP Software
Linux and PPP - a very complete document

MSN Messenger Service - MSN � �™�禮K�žO�ž�顫�禮Y�ž�� ̄�Š� A�ž��

Internet Resource Sites

UKOLUG - the UK Online User Group
general internet resources


JAVA Forum

Job Hunting

Commercial - Fluor Corporation
Commercial - Quintet, Inc. -- Complete E-Commerce Solutions - BPR
Commercial - Standard Life Investments - retail
Consulting - Andersen Consulting Home Page
KPMG Consulting - Ian Failby
Consulting - McKinsey and Company - About Insight '99
Head Hunters - Ideal People
Head Hunters - phd jobs hunting - UK
Head Hunters - Step Stone
Head Hunters - Technica Page Quantum Staff Consultants
Head Hunters - Vector Resourcing
Info - Asia Managers Homepage
Info - Career Development International: Journal Overview
Info - Jobs and Studentships in the Academic Community - search engine
Info - Jobs Unlimited - database in guardian, UK
Info - L and H - Job Opportunities - Belgium - Positions
Info - Monster.com
Info - PSC - job in Singapore
Info - Science's Next Wave
Info - WebCourier
Research - BT Martlesham Heath
Research - Employment in BT
Research - Employment Opportunities - HP
Research - Harlequin
NASA - Software Res Lab
TA Group Ltd. - job
Univ - CSTP Job Listings - UMKC
Univ - Deakin University - Human Resources Services Div.
Univ - Information for Education - NISS Campus Gateway
Univ - The Personnel Department Information Service - Edin Univ
Univ - UMKC - Job Databases -USA
Univ - UMKC - Job Links - in Kansas City
Univ. - Edinburgh Univ., Computer Science

Local Recommendations for UK *****

WhoToUse.Good Local Plumbers, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

1.3 - Information N-Z

IT Exhibitions

IT Exhibition - Union Network International: IBITS (industry, business services and ICT)
Cebit - March 12-19 2003 - IE only
eSkills Summit - IE preferred, other info missing

Network Security

Arca Systems, Inc. | Projects/Papers - network security


Samba ftp site

News, Magazine, TV and Radio

Silicon News about IM
news - Google Acquires Applied Semantics

Finance Information - Taiwan

Taiwan Finance - Cmoney888�簡z�ž]�™�”�簪�繡
Taiwan Stock Market-1 - �ž�穢�簡�簣������並�€”�–‘�棺�…� ̄�永�污�€”�‚��œ†��‰� �簪�簣z�™’I
Taiwan Stock Market-2 - ��p�ŽX�šs�ˆD�™�” | �簡z�ž]� ����永��
The Sky - Taiwanese Economic and Finance Magazine

Financial Information - Others

0 - Investment Fund Performance Table
0 - The Universal Currency Converter(tm) - Exchange rate
Anita Yang - exchange rate available
Consumer Group USA Discount Airfare
Currency Converter
Dow Jones Stock Exchange home page
EDINBURGH business week
Foreign Exchange Rates
Fortune Desktop - fortune home page
FT Your Money | A Personal Finance Service of the Financial Times
FT.com | Homepage | Welcome to FT.com
Motley Fool
Nikkei News - Japanese - IE only
Virgin One account
Wall Street Journal - WSJ.com
Welcome to Egg

News - Asia

Hong Kong - �™�”�žW�Ž�Ž�™’@�ž���…�™’�ž�� �žZ�™’]�…��–‘�‚�†•�‰
Indonesia News
Ming Pao Electronic News
S i n a N e t*
Sing Tao Daily News
Super TV News

News - Taiwan

* China Times - Taiwan - �ž�ž�簧��†•�›�žl�糧�繡�™
* China Times from Taiwan (Top 10 Web site)
* ENGLISH NEWS - from Taiwan
* Inside China Today - Reuters
News - Taiwan - Big 5
* Taiwan Today News Network TTNN
* United News - Taiwan - ��p�ŽX�šs�ˆD�™�”
ASIANOW - Asiaweek | Taiwan: Shocks and Aftershocks | 10/08/99
ASIANOW - China bans Time issue with dissident essays - September 28, 1999
ASIANOW - Chinese president repeats threats of force against Taiwan - September 27, 1999
china Time: http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Field/6023/ctimes.htm
China Times Communication Area
Inside China Today - Features - Feature's Archive
Liberty Times - Taiwanese News
Magazines - Taiwan
New Page - �šs�™�”�ž1
PC home City Guide - Taipei
People's TV - Taiwan
SinaNet News Center -- Taiwan
Sino - Kung Hua Magazine

Taiwan Magazine *****

HXWZ index - Chinese Magazine
Magazine - PC Home
Technology Taiwan magazine - Sky *****

Taiwanese News
Taiwanese statehood?
The Taipei Times Online: 2000-03-20
TVBS Online
Twnet News
United Morning Newspaper - chinese
Yahoo! Full Coverage:Taiwan's Chen Declared Presidential Winner

News - Technology

News - At New York.com
Silicon Valley Internet News *****
The Register
Zdnet - Technologies News

News - UK

BBC Online - Radio (Listen Now)
Electronic Telegraph **
FT.Com - UK's Top Universities 2000 in England and Wales
Guardian Unlimited | Network home
News - The Edinburgh Evening News Online
The Scotsman Online - Electronic News Publishing - Edinburgh - Scotland -
The Sunday Times
The Times Internet Edition

News - USA

ABC.com The Official ABC TV Website
ABCNEWS.com - Audio
CBS SportsLine - Sports News, Sports Scores, Sports Statistics,Sports Memorabilia and Fantasy Sports
CNN Interactive *****
CNN Interactive - World Regions: Europe
CNN.com - Pioneer feminist Annette Lu elected as Taiwan's vice president - March 18, 2000
Magazine: TheStandard.com: U.K. Firm Claims Legal Rights to Hyperlinks
NY Times.com
The Nando Times *
USA Today
Voice of America RealAudio Server - Chinese Audio News **
W3C - A Little History of the World Wide Web

TV - Taiwanese

Taiwan TV - SINANET.com Presents CTS
Taiwanese TV - Channel 1
Taiwanese TV - Channel 2 - China TV
Taiwanese TV - Channel 3
Taiwanese TV - Channel 4 - Folk TV


The GET Real World - TV
The Incredible Irene - The Real World - TV program
TV - BBC Online**
TV - Channel 4
TV- Channel 4 Television - Guide


Microsoft - patch - Security Update, December 13, 2001
Build Your Own computer
Shields UP! -- Internet Connection Security Analysis

File Extension Explanation

Free Emailing List
File Extensions - file types

Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Resource Guide
PC World
Psion PLC: Working with you. Everywhere
Samba ftp site
Welcome to PC Plus On-line*****


Luigi Ceccaroni


Sabrian's Resume, Aug 2, 2002, ps file
Sabrina P.Y. Hsueh's Resume
Sabrina's Homepage At SIMS
Sabrina's Resume, Aug 2, 2002, pdf file

Anthemion Software - Julian Smart
Robert Inder - Interactive Information Limited
Interactive Information Limited - old - website- Robert Inder

Robert Inder

Robert Inder - CAPE - Clips and Perl
Robert Inder - Interactive Information Limited

Jessica Chen's family
KPMG Consulting - Ian Failby
Realise Web Development - Jonathan Tonberg
Yannis Kalfoglou home page

Personal Development

Franklin Covey

| Franklin Covey | Home |
Franklin Covey - book - Living the 7 Habits


Air Force Link - Aircraft Photos
Animal Photos - Gratis! Natuurbehang - WWF


The Rabbit Ring
House Rabbit Society Rabbit Care Guide


1996 RAE - Unit of Assessment: 25 - Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence Journals: ISI�簧 - journal ratings
RAE - HERO - Higher Education & Research Opportunities in the UK: RAE 2001 : Results
RAE - HERO - Higher Education & Research Opportunities in the UK: Welcome to the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2001
RAE - bbc news - IE only - very clearly displayed *****
RAE 2001 *****
RAE 2001 : Results
RAE Based Research Funding - Table - Univ. of Edin.
RAE Based Research Funding - Univ. of Edin.
RAE Index to papers 1996
RAE Outcome 1996
The best journals: citation index studies - journal ratings
The EPSRC website
university, college and research opportunities in the UK - HERO

Real Estate Agents

LetaLife 's - Edinburgh Property Rental Ads - Houses/Flats/Rooms/accomodation To Rent or let
Property List - up my street
Aberdeen Solicitors' Property Centre
The Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre - ESPC


Chinese Cuisine Recipes


Fenwicks Restaurant

Search Engine

Relevance Logic - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Ask Jeeves - Ask.com


Shipping - Cargo Forwarding International Plc
Shipping - Excess Baggage - International Removals


Ebay - auction on-line - Items matching ( MD Player )
Shopping days to christmas - free countdown clock


Spam at Edin. Univ.
The Spamhaus Project


The Magnum Leisure Centre

Start-up Business Funding

CAMBRIDGE QUANTUM FUND LIMITED Leading Technology into Industry
First Tuesday - Europe's internetworking community
First Tuesday - USA
Quantun Corporate Funding - Financing, Receivables Factoring, Invoice Factoring, Money


Taiwan Info Research Institute - �繡� �•�Ž�š|90�Ž~�„����”�…�“�…�ž�žQ�š|�™[�Ž�穡� G�簧i�ž���š|


Foxconn, About - Huon-Hei
SinYi Company - Taiwan
��‰� �簪�ž�™��{ �”�’�•���„���”�� - Tiffany Food Ltd. home page


�™~�Ž�™’�繡�Ž�ˆ�Ž - Taiwan - Kuo Yuan Yi Bakery Corp.

General Information

Taiwan WWW Master index
Taiwan - links
TaiwanNet �žx�� W�™�”�繡�”
Taiwan - Republic of China on Taiwan
Taiwan - About Taiwan
Tai-Chung City

Government and Political Parties

Taipei Representative Office in the UK Online
New Party - �šs�������永�…�ƒ�繡� �žT�™�”
National Science Council - Taiwan **
Internet resources from Cultural Division, TECO in Houston
Information Division, Taipei Economic and Culture Office in New York
KMT - �šs�™�”�ž8
Taipei Office in Edin.
Cultural Taiwan
DDP - �ž���žD�ži�穡B������
Central Election Commission in Taiwan
Chinese Information and Culture Center

Internet Site



Chinese Language Educational Software
Taiwan - Academic Sinica - Get Chinese Fonts**
Taiwan - NCTUCCCA Free Chinese font files**
Welcome to SinaMail! - read Chinese


ILan Province, Taiwan

Kueishan - Taiwan Island

TiT Sports: Catching the Wave
Travel Magazine - Travel in Taiwan
Scenic Spots - Turtle mountain
The Kueishan Island Sunrise
Gueishan - Houwan - Turtle mountain

Lan-Yu, Taiwan Island

Orchid Island 1997
Taiwan's Yami Tribe, by Richard S. Ehrlich

Dreams of the Orient - Taipei, Taiwan
Taiwan National Palace Museum


Memory of Water - Personal page - in Chinese
Fong-Chih Chen's WebSite
Huang Tzu-Hsin Home Page


&quot;Taiwanese in UK Society&quot; 1999
Chinese Student & Scholar Association Edinburhg
Edinburgh Taiwanese Students' Society - ETSS 1999 ***
ETSS 2nd hand market
etss messages 197-210 of 210
SUROCUK - student union of ROC in UK
Taiwan - SUROCUK WWW Site


RADVision MCU-323 Release 2.2


travel - Tourist info - Edinburgh - Falkirk

Map - Falkirk Wheel
Tourist Info - Scotland - Falkirk Wheel

Accommodation in Edinburgh

Accommodation: Contents
Edinburgh Rooms, Conferences, Accommodation and Conference Venues

travel - Elizabeth House Hotel in Southampton - IE only

Airlines and Travel Agencies

United Airline: My Mileage Plus
* easyJet
* Eva Air
* go-fly.com home page
* go-fly.net
- also go-fly but it does not have <BR><BR> many commercials.
* Omega Travel
* OneTravle.com
* usit campus
Aer Lingus
American Express Travel
BA - British Airways - with price
BA - schedule checking
need membership number to use this <BR><BR> services
BA - World Offers - Price List - need membership number to check availability
BAA - UK domestic Flights
BESTeDEAL - flight in USA *****
Bravo Delta - Airfare Results - Edin to LA, USA 9/3-10, 2000
British Airline Authorities - BAA - UK airport info
Eva Membership Club - Chinese only
Farebeater - The Fastest Way To The Lowest Fares - USA flights*****
KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines - no prices
Ours Travel - flight tickets to Taiwan
Victorian Fortunecity
Yahoo Travel: Roundtrip Flight Search - USA

Car Rental

AAA - American Auto Ass. - need membership number for reservation
Avis Rent A Car - Welcome to Avis Online
on-line offer is only limited to US <BR><BR> and USA residences.
Budget - Rent a Car: Car Rentals, Reservations & more...
Budget.com - Deals & Programs
The Automobile Association, UK - motoring, car, breakdown, traffic, travel, insurance, loans, finance, warranties
Alamo Rent-A-Car


Accommodation - MRHS Hotel Reservations
Accommodation and hotel finder - RAC - UK
Edinburgh Accommodation : Hotels
Edinburgh EH1 + EH2 Hotels, B&B's and Rental Properties
Hostelling International San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf - San Francisco, hostel - CitySearch (San Francisco) hotels
Hotel Ibis Edinburgh : 97793
Hotel Sofitel
HotelsCentral.com - Hotels Worldwide at Discount Prices!
MetaCrawler Results | Search Query = ibis hotel
Redwood City, CA - hotels
San Francisco City
Sofitel San Francisco Bay
The Automobile Association - Where to stay, where to eat


map - world map
map - World Atlas.com - Graphic Map's Vermont, USA, locator map - suits IE better
Excite Travel - city map
Multimap.com - world map
UK MAP - Map of Doncaster, South Yorkshire
UK Map - Multimap.com: Online Maps to Everywhere.
UK Sensitive Map - Universities - Version 5
usit world - map, weather, etc.
Virtual Tourist World Map
Yahoo! Maps and Driving Directions

Theater, Festival, Musical, Museum

Hugh MacDiarmid - The Scottish literary tour company limited
Beauty and the Beast : Disney's Timeless Classic
Edinburgh Folk Festival Productions present Shoots 'n' Roots 1998.
Edinburgh International Festival
Edinburgh International Film Festival
Edinburgh International Jazz and Blues Festival
Edinburgh's Hogmanay
Edinburgh's Hogmanay - Scotland's biggest Hogmanay celebrations.
Filmhouse Home Page
go-edinburgh - the Edinburgh Festivals site
Grease - The Arena Spectacular
InfoSeek Entertainment Sites
Linkmenu engels - Museums *
Los Angeles County Museum of Art - LACMAweb Home Page
One Voice
Saturday Night Fever the musical
The Art Institute of Chicago
The Edinburgh Tattoo 1998 - Main Menu
The Official Edinburgh Festival Fringe 1999
Ticket:Line - for theatre
TM Ticketmaster Online - Event Guide - DISNEYS_BEAUTY_AND_THE_BEAST
Walt Disney Theatrical Productions - Beauty and the Beast
Welcome to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Welcome to the Edinburgh International Festival
Yahoo! Arts:Performing Arts:Theater:Musicals:Shows
Yahoo! Entertainment:Movies and Film:Titles:Musicals
Yahoo! UK & Ireland Search Result

Tourist Information

Scotland Accommodation - self-catering flats
The List - Edinburgh
Edinburgh & The Lothians - Dining & Wining - Tourist Net UK Guide


What's On (Australia) Magazine Home Page


Berlin Weather
Flight - Edin <-> Berlin
Flight - usit WORLD - ticket checker
Forum Hotel - Berlin - Hotel Inter-Continental: Hotel Reservation - Choose Room and Rate
Funtastik - Berlin Hotels, Accommodations, and Lodging
Hotel - Forum Hotel Berlin ***
Hotel - Tulip Inn Hotel
Hotel - Unter den Linden
Hotels in Berlin - Hotel Ibis Berlin Mitte
Reservation Request to Hotel Ibis Berlin Mitte
usit farefinder - adult


San Francisco City
San Francisco: Search Results - CitySearch
San Francisco Insider Guide: This Month
Hotel - Standford Terrace Inn - Palo Alto
Welcome to Concierge.com -- Featuring Cond�穢 Nast Traveler, destination information, airfare deals, hotel bargains, vacation packages, maps, travel photos and more
San Francisco - The Sharf Inn - bayarea.citysearch.com > Hotels & Visitors
driving directions - Alamo
SignOn San Diego: Arts & Entertainment
Yahoo! - Regional:U.S. States:California:Cities:Los Angeles:Lodging


Prague - Former Capital of Czech


Lyon - Vieux Lyon

New York

Home Page *****
Chelsea Hostel
Search Hostel Database


Welcome to Orlando.com
Best Western International Inc. - Hotels in U.S., Canada, Mexico, North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East, South Pacific, Germany, Australia, Caribbean, Fiji, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Seychelles, Southeast Asia, Venezuela, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales, Myanmar, Thailand, Aruba, Jamaica, Bahamas, Belgium, Belize, Botswana, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Martinique, New Zealand, Phillipines, Puerto Rico, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tonga, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Virgin Islands, Zimbabwe
OrlandoLodging.Com - all the Orlando visitor information you need (florida accomodation, disney world, disneyworld, lodging, motels, sea world, seaworld, universal studios)
Pensacola - Florida - general
Pensacola - hotels
OrlandoLodging.Com - all the Orlando visitor information you need (florida accomodation, disney world, disneyworld, lodging, motels, sea world, seaworld, universal studios)
Best Western Resort Pensacola Beach
MetaCrawler Results | Search Query = Pensacola Florida Motels
travel agent
Yahoo! Maps and Driving Directions
Yahoo! Maps and Driving Directions


Discounts and concessions for Hostelling International members in Italy
Lonely Planet - Destination Italy
USIT Campus


Aparthotel Gale�糧n, Hotel in Madrid, Spain
Museo Thyssen - Museum in Madrid, Spain


Bird Watching - Puffins - Stonehaven Community Web - Fowlsheugh Reserve.
Edinburgh and Lothians Tourist Board - Photo Gallery
Edinburgh and Lothians Tourist Board - Gateway to Edinburgh ***
London Town.com - The Official Site for London
Scotland: Gateway to Scotland
Scottish International Children's Festival
Scottish Tourist Board - Accommodation, Transport and Holidays in Scotland
Tourist - Edinburgh
Tourist - Glasgow
UK Travel Guide - The ultimate guide for visitors to the UK - major cities, hotels, airports, timetables, maps, London Underground, sightseeing, museums ...
West Highland Explorer


USA.com - USA.com
kansas city .com


* Train - live broadcast board
* Train Time Table
Europe by Eurail
GNER - train
London subway
National Rail - The Gateway to Britain's National Rail network - (tel) info only, no booking
Including all of the different train <BR>

Universities - top ones

universities - best in Asia

Asiaweek.com | Asia's Best Universities 2000 | Taiwan Univ. of Science & Tech
9-Š‰–&#155;œ�‘Œ��‡‹‘�(USTC) by 1999
11- ��‘‰˜��†‰ƒŽ::HUST::Huazhong University of Science & Technology. by 1999
35 - ”ˆZ�ˆ&#155;�交œ˜š‘•‹‘衣��
ASIANOW | The Asiaweek Best Universities 1999 | Science and Tech Schools Rankings - China

FT.Com - UK's Top Universities 2000 in England and Wales
RAE Rating 1996 - Univ of Durham
Top Ten Universities - csis
Top Universities - by Sunday Times


BBC Online - Weather Centre
CNN - Weather: World Forecasts *****
Weather - Seattle, WA
Rain or Shine Weather Center - private site
The Met.Office Home Page
USA Weather by State and City

Web page security

How to set up passwords for Web Pages - local file

Window Managers

mwm - .mwmrc


Chester Zoo - Always New
Welcome to Edinburgh Zoo!
World Famous San Diego Zoo
Multimedia: Hua Mei's Baby Album

1.4 - Research by Topic A - M

0-Grand Challenges for Computing Research

Agent Based Systems

Section 6, Agent Systems Analysis
National Research Council, Canada - Network Computing - Our Work


Bibliographies on Artificial Intelligence
Elsevier Science - AI info
Hive, a TTT Toolkit - SE and AI
Home Page of Enrico Franconi - AI and Bio-informatics
MIT AI Lab: The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT
Notes on Evaluation in AI
Peter G�žrdenfors' 50th anniversary - Believe Revision

AI Industrial Companies

Welcome to Intelligent Applications Ltd - real ES used in real commercial applications
Real time expert system, Tiger, in real use for a long time on several oil <BR><BR> platforms and a chemical plant (also for power generation)

Alan Bundy

Alan Bunday - Programme of Reasoning Seminars
Alan Bundy - Reasoning (Pre-)Programme


Bioinformatics in Edinburgh
Bio-Informatics - The Sanger Centre : Richard Durbin
DBLP: Darrell Conklin - bio-informatics
BioInformatics Centre - Singapore

BNF Notation

About BNF notation

Capability Maturity Model

Capability Maturity Model, Version 1.1
Dictionary: Capability Maturity Model <sup>�簧</sup>
Yahoo! Search Result


CBR in OR and Time Tabling - Sanja Petrovic's Home Page
The CBR Homepage - CBR on the Web
** The CBR Homepage - registered page
ICCBR 2001 :: Main
*** IJCAI CBR workshop 2000
***** AI-CBR
Readings in Case-Based Reasoning (nominated papers) - a list of all CBR papers
AAAI 1999 CBR workshop
AAAI CBR workshop 1994
AAAI CBR workshop 1998
AAAI CBR workshop 2000
AI-CBR home page - mirrow in UK
Barry Smyth - CBR Univ of Dublin

CADET and Katia Sycara

CADET Home Page
WebVoyage Titles
Catalogue Record View 1

CADRE - EENET - Disability as a Catalyst for Sustainable Devlopment: a Policy in the Making paper (Paper 2)
CADSYN and CASECAD- Case-Based Reasoning in Design
Case-Based Reasoning [the AI-CBR Homepage] *****
CBR - Artificial Intelligence Group, Trinity College, Dublin
CBR - Curriculum Vitae for David C. Wilson
CBR - David W. Aha
CBR in Finance - Stuart
CBR Theses Online
CBR workshop 1997
CBR workshop 1998
cbr workshop 2000
David B. Leake, CS Dept., Indiana U. - CBR
Dr. Ian Watson, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Auckland - AI CBR
IBM CBR UI - TECINNO Online Apartment Broker
IBM Tecinno

Janet Kolodner

MUSE, Archie, Archie-II
Janet Kolodner

Mark T Keane - CBR Univ of Dublin
Rockwell EC - E-Mail Management System - CBR
Tim Menzies - Home Page - evaluation - cbr
Tim Menzies home page
Timm's Web Links - Tim Menzies - evaluation - CBR

Citations - Personal


Cognitive Science

Multi-Agent Learning --- Professor Ron Sun
The journal of Cognitive Systems Research

Complex Systems

Guide to Complex Systems

COTS - Commercial Off-The-Shelf products

CFP: Ensuring Successful COTS Development
paper - produce software for mass market




DARPA - CPF home

Data Mining

Data Mining - Xindong Wu's Home Page
data mining magazine - second moment


database - Microsoft ODBC - Open DB Connectivity
declarative language
different types of database - Database, Information and Knowledge Based Systems Research at the Department of Computing & Electrical Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
functional database
functional programming
University of Aberdeen, Computing Science Information

Diagramming Reasoning

Diagrammatic Reasoning Site


Groupmark - Rob Procter

GemStone - Internet B2B

Google Search: open java
GemStone Systems, Inc.
GemStone/J Application Server - JavaSuccess, I-Velocity *****

Interfacing Technologies Corporation - FirstSTEP Product Suite - e-business

SAP R/3 Business Process Mgmt Tool

SAP - America, Inc. - About SAP
SAP E-Business Solutions *****

Yannis - Challenges in the New E-Era: the Pandora's Box for AI?


Web usability slides - SELLIC: Learning Technology Usability

Evaluation of KBS

ref list - Verification, Validation & Testing of Knowledge-Based Systems: An Annotated Selective Bibliography
Valerie Barr -professor of Hofstra Univ, NY, USA

Expert System - Explanation

CMIS Research - Intelligent Interactive Technologies - Publications
Expert System Architecture - lec note
Expert Systems [ResearchIndex; NEC Research Institute; Steve Lawrence, Kurt Bollacker, Lee Giles]
Report: SMI-98-0716, Standford Univ., Standford Medicine Informatics *****
Reference: R. D. Shankar, S. W. Tu, & M. A. Musen. A Declarative Explanation Framework That Uses A<BR><BR> Collection Of Visualization Agents. AMIA Fall Symposium, Orlando, FL, 602-606. 1998.
Stanford Heuristic Programming Project February 1977
Wolverton, Michael - significant info exp (SRI) ***

Formal Method

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Formal Methods
Petri Nets World
formal method spec - Dr Brian Ritchie - Publications
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: The Z notation
Laboratory for Applied Logic - all formal methods sites
Knowledge and Information Systems: An International Journal
CMU SCS Technical Reports
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Formal Methods
Formal Aspects of Computing Science FACS at 21 Coming of Age

Funding Bodies - UK

Funding - ITF - News
UK Research Councils - e-Science Programme Website
The EPSRC website
EPSRC Revie Visit, 26 June 2001, Home Page

Genetic Algorithm

IlliGAL Home Page - Genetic Algorithm

Graph Lay-out algorithm

ReferralWeb - graph laying out algorithm


Projects@Institute for Human and Machine Cognition

Intelligent Agents

MIT SIPB Home Page


http://www.aiai.ed.ac.uk/~jkk/ai.html#Web Applications
Jess, the Java Expert System Shell
The Java Tutorial

KADS and Common KADS

CommonKADS and KADS-II at SICS

Knowledge Based System

Gerstner laboratory for Intelligent Decision Making and Control

Logic, Constraint and Temporal Logic

Modal logic - email Archives for ontology@ieee.org: thread index

Logic - Peter A. Flach

Simply Logical - book
Peter A. Flach - Inductive Logic Programming, Baysian Network

Relevance Logic - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Sorted FOL to describe constraint logic
Temporal Logic - James F. Allen's Home Page - maintaining knowledge about temporal intervals - communications of the ACM
maintaining knowledge about temporal intervals - communications of the ACM (26) 11, pp. 832-843, Nov, 1983.
Temporal Logic - Pat Hayes's Catalog of Temporal Logic

Machine Learning

Machine Learning - Tom Mitchell's Home Page

1.5 - Research by Topic N - Z

AI and Medicine


Natural Language Processing

WordNet - Princeton Univ

News - Technical

AI, CS News - Technology Review - A.I. Reboots


Oliver Mason's POS Tagger - free
GATE - a General Architecture for Text Engineering
tools - Software Tools for NLP


About Us - Ensemble Systems Inc.
Dr. John Hunt
getRational - rational rose
Jini(tm) Connection Technology Executive Overview
Rational Rose: Visual Modeling, UML, Object-Oriented, Component Based Development
Visual Search Page - company provide tool for UML

Parallel Computing

The Beowulf Project - paralellel computing based on a cluster of PC


John Mark's homepage

INRIA - Nada Matta

Nada Matta
INRIA Sophia Antipolis

* Daphne Koller Home page

** Stuart Russell

** Book: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
AI on the Web - DCS Berkeley
AI Programming Resources

Academics Home Page - Lincoln Univ.
1999 - Seminar at The Open University
Andrew Laurence Tuson MA(Oxon) MSc(Edin) PhD(Edin) GRSC
Antonio Lucas Soares Personal Home Page
Artificial Intelligence Center Staff - Peter Jarvis
Axel Janhsen
Colin Stirling
Didar Zowghi's Home Page

ex-aiai staff

Peter Ross's home page
Steve Polyak
Ex-AIAI People - tripod site
Ex-AIAI people - fortunecity site

Frank Yang
Harry Delugach's Home Page
Helen Lowe's Home Page
James Gleick
Luigi Ceccaroni
Marco Ramoni's Home Page
Maria Vargas-Vera
Mike Uschold - Ontology.Org - Enabling Virtual Business
Peng Taoxin's Home Page - Napier Univ.
Peter Funk - CSL - Computer Science Lab
Peter Funk - phd graduation ceremony
Peter Funk's Personal Page at MdH
Peter Ladkin's HomePage
Pierre Flener

Mike Brayshaw - Lincoln

Lincolin School of Management
Mike Brayshaw - Lincoln Univ.

ReferralWeb 2.0 - AT and T

Reviewers - 2002

Ann Macintosh
Flavio - IME-USP
Flavio Soares Correa da Silva Home Page
Mike Brayshaw - Staff and Research Students

Richard Wheeler - Case-based Reasoning Slides
Richard Wheeler home page
Richard Wheeler's home - Star Lab
Simon Masterton
Pauline M. Berry's Welcome Page
SRI - Peter A. Jarvis's home page
SRI- Ian Harrison's home page
Steve Polyak - Britannica.com

Univ of S. Australia

Education: University of South Australia
Lakhmi Jain - Univ of S. Australia - IE viewer
Lakhmi Jain - Univ of S. Australia - School of Electrical and Information Engineering - Academic and Adjunct Staff
Univ. of South Australia

Xindong Wu's Home Page


Planning - blackbox planner
<I-N-CA> - Shared Models
TF - Domain Models
Air Force Research Lab - Acronym Dictionary
SPAR - Shared Planning and Activity Representation *****
SPAR Paper: Roots of SPAR - Shared Planning and Activity Representation&quot;
Technology Thrust - Dynamic Planning & Execution
Univ of Oregon - Computational Intelligence Research Laboratory


SICStus Prolog User's Manual - Saving and restoring a program state

Prolog to Java

MINERVA - Auto Prolog to Java Interpreter
Alexander Voss - Dependability Project
Java Prolog - A Free Automatic translator from Prolog to Java

Prolog to Web

Free Web3D Creation Tool - type R
The VRML Repository
Welcome to the CLIP Lab at DIA/FIM/UPM - Prolog to WWW
The PiLLoW Pages - Prolog to WWW

Prolog to Java

Alexander Voss - Dependability Project
Java Prolog - A Free Automatic translator from Prolog to Java


Bashar Nuseibeh
DARPA - News 1997-1998
Focal Point AB. Focal Point prioritizing method
home analisi-disegno.com - RE and UML - 1999
Integrated Reasoning Group
International Federation for Information Proceeding
ISO WWW Server query - ISO 15504 software process assessment
Knowledge Acquisition Workshops
Knowledge and Information Systems: An International Journal
Model Software Corporation Home Page - process model
Page 1 - design process conference 1999
Professor Anthony Finkelstein
Publications of the Faculty for Computer Science IV
REP'99 - The First International Workshop on the Requirements Engineering Process
Requirements Bibliography
Requirements Engineering Journal
Requirements Volatility Study
SEweb - Requirements Engineering
Task Force on Requirements Engineering Home Page - IEEE
The Generic Design & Construction Process Protocol
Third Sector Project Home
Welcome to UHINFO @ University of Hawaii

Semantic Web

ISTweb | IST Activities

Social Shaping of IT

Research Centre For Social Sciences: Staff
Social Shaping of Technology

Software Development and Evaluation Methods

http://www.uksma.co.uk/ - UKSMA software development and evaluation (CMM, ISO)
CFP: Ensuring Successful COTS Development


Introduction to nonlinear regression
Linear regression
The difference between linear and nonlinear regression

System Design

Information Systems Design

System Dynamics

MIT System Dynamics Group

Temporal Logic

Introduction to Linear time and time branching - standford univ.
Visual Specification of Branching Time Temporal Logic


graph drawing tool - AT&T
tool - building dictionary - PyWordNet - A Python Interface to WordNet
Tool - building dictionary - references
tool - building dictionary - The DICT Development Group
tool - building dictionary - The Institute for Language, Speech and Hearing

Transaction Logic

Transaction Logic Prototype
Transaction Logic Tutorial



AI1 Course Documentation
Answers to tutorial questions - AI1
DAI Database: Mr Michael Ramscar


AI3 info
AI3 LP Specification
Artificial Intelligence 3 - AI/CS 3 LP
Groups for 3-lpcs (AI/CS, AI/M Large Practical)

Project Info

Enterprise Project
Hardy Home Page - AIAI - old
PLATINUM technology, inc. Homepage
UML Modeling Language, Standard Software Notation: Resource Center

Msc - Prolog

Finite Domain Constraints in SICStus Prolog
Finite Domain Constraints in SICStus Prolog - all answers
Msc Prolog Tutorial
SICStus Prolog User's Manual - Constraint Logic Programming over Rationals or Reals
SICStus Prolog User's Manual - Predicate Index
SICStus Prolog User's Manual - Table of Contents


* OMG - Object Management Group - UML
Software Engineering with Objects and Components 2 - UML
UML - Conrad Bock
Workshop &quot;Einsatz, Bewertung und Stand der Unified Modeling Language (UML)&quot; - business model and uml

Universities and Labs

Distributed Systems Group, University of Portsmouth, UK.
Research Institute - NEC Research Institute - Home Page *****
KSI - Knowledge Science Institute, University of Calgary, Canada
Research and Management - Cranfield Univ.

Academia Sinica

Sinica - Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Shih-Hung Wu Homepage


Deakin Univ. - Australia

Department of Computing, Macquarie University
Deakin University - Australia
Geoff Webb
' School Of Computing And Mathematics ' - Deakin Univeristy - Australia


IUT de Bayonne - Pays Basque
Informal & Formal Methods - LAAS 's WWW - French Server


Informatik LMU M�翹nchen - DB, modelling
IDI - Institutt for Datateknikk og Informasjonsvitenskap - German


Taiwan - Academia Sinica
Ming Chi Institute of Technology


BPMG - Home Page
Business Processes Resource Centre- Knowledge Management, CPD, Complexity - Warwick Univ.
Business School Staff Directory: Business & Finance
Department of Computer Science, UCL
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Dept of Computing, U of Newcastle : People
ETA, Education sans Frontiers. Welcome. Education & Training Academy. Where Best Minds Meet

Heriot Watt Univ

Albert Burger
Alison Cawsey
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Use Case

Domain Objects - Use Case Diagram
Diagram Description: Use Case diagram
PROSA Use case, Class and Package diagrams


Alun Preece, Computing Science, University of Aberdeen
Deductive Composition of Astronomical Software from Subroutine Libraries - Stickel, Waldinger, Lowry, Pressburger, Underwood (ResearchIndex)
NASA LaRC Formal Methods Program: What Is Formal Methods?

Web Technologies

Smart Web Technologies Centre - Robert Gorden Univ.


wxWindows Home - including Julian Smart


0-eContentplus - HOME - DG Information Society & Media
Basic Gene Grammars and DNA-ChartParser for language processing of Escherichia coli promoter DNA sequences -- Leung et al. 17 (3): 226 -- Bioinformatics
Diana Sisu's Weekly Timetable
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