1989 marked the "The Sixth International Obfuscated C Code Contest"

Instructions for use: Run make to compile entries (it is possible
that on System V or non-unix systems the makefile needs to be
changed). Look at the source and try to figure out what the programs
do, and run them with various inputs. If you want to, look at the
hints files for (minor) spoilers.

This year, the Grand Prize was given to the most useful program.

The "Strangest abuse of the rules" award was given this year to stress
the fact that starting in 1990, compiling entries must result an
executable regular file.

In two other cases, we included System V portable versions of winning
programs.  The makefile always uses the portable version of the "Best
self modifying program" because there as no loss of functionality in
using it.  In the case of the "Best game" winner, however, some
functionality is lost in the portable version and so the makefile uses
the original program.  System V users may need to change the makefile
to use the s5 version.  See the hint files or the Makefile for details.

Rules and results were posted to comp.lang.c, comp.sources.unix, and
alt.sources.  They have been made available on a wide number of Usenet
archive sites such as uunet.  The 1989 winners will be published in the
Micro/Systems Journal.
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