Uses of Class

Uses of HashedList in inf.util

Fields in inf.util declared as HashedList
protected  HashedList<E>[] ArrayOfHashedListsIntPriorityQueue.pArray
          the data structure that contains an array of lists of nodes

Fields in inf.util with type parameters of type HashedList
protected  IntKeyTreeMap<HashedList<E>> ArrayOfHashedListsIntPriorityQueue.pTree
          the data structure that contains a tree of lists of nodes
(package private)  java.util.Iterator<IntKeyTreeMap.IntKeyTreeEntry<HashedList<E>>> ArrayOfHashedListsIntPriorityQueue.ArrayOfHashedListsIntPriorityQueueIterator.treeElts
          the iterator for the elements in the tree *

Methods in inf.util that return HashedList
 HashedList<E> HashedList.clone()
           This function returns a shallow copy of this HashedList.