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Uses of Grounding in ai.planning.strips

Subclasses of Grounding in ai.planning.strips
static class ActionType.ArrayGrounding
           A Substitution maps a set of Variables to a set of Terms.

Fields in ai.planning.strips declared as Grounding
protected  Grounding Action.params
          the mapping of parameter variables (from the type) to domain objects

Methods in ai.planning.strips with parameters of type Grounding
static boolean ActionType.disjoint(ai.krr.fol.Atom[] atoms1, ai.krr.fol.Atom[] atoms2, Grounding g)
abstract  boolean Grounding.equals(Grounding s)
           This function compares this and the given Grounding.
 boolean ActionType.ArrayGrounding.equals(Grounding s)
static boolean ActionType.fullyGrounded(ai.krr.fol.Atom atom, Grounding g)
protected static int ActionType.nrVarsUnground(ai.krr.fol.Atom atom, Grounding g)

Constructors in ai.planning.strips with parameters of type Grounding
Action(ActionType type, Grounding g, boolean allowComplements)
           This constructor creates a new Action of the given type.