DARPA AFRL Planning Initiative
ISAT Project
AIAI Workplan and Deliverables

AIAI is part of the DARPA/Air Force Research Laboratory (Rome) Planning Initiative (ARPI) Initiative Support and ACPT Testbed (ISAT) Project, working as a subcontractor to ISX Corporation. Also, AIAI is a tier 1 (enabling technology) research group within the ARPI with the O-Plan project.

Report of state of deliverables on ISAT WP4.1.6 as at April 1998, month 32. The project was replanned in June 1997 to align work with ARPI TIE#97-5. All work was completed by the end of month 32.

WP1 Mixed Initiative Requirements Analysis and Plan Ontology

WP2 ACPT Framework for Development of Mixed Initiative Systems

WP3 Application and Demonstration of MIP Infrastructure in an IFD

These work packages were replanned in April 1997 to redirect the work to support TIE 97-1 with the creation of a Java "Air Campaign Planning Process Panel" (ACP3). This was delivered in month 32. COMPLETE

WP4 Input to ISX Reporting and ACPT Demonstration

All monthly and required reporting was completed. Materials to input to a TIE 97-1 CD-ROM and O-Plan Technology CD-ROM were produced. COMPLETE

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