SUO Scenarios

Last Updated: Mon Mar 29 09:49:39 1999

We are seeking to identify the scenarios and demonstration storyboards which AIAI and SRI will use for their SUO work using the ARPI/PDA research results. The initial studies are pretty broad and may need narrowing later, but are the focus for the initial familiarisation, knowledge acquisition, and domain modeling work. The areas are all within the 4 existing SUO program demonstration scenarios. Ken Sharpe has asked that we seek to include an offensive and a defensive scenario within the initial study areas to ensure a suitable breadth of coverage.

Overall Context

Within the context of a pre-provided COMPANY level OPORD for a mission, planning will refine the plans for 4 (?) PLATOONS in that Company, down to the level of the 2 (?) SQUADS making up each demonstration Platoon and down to the level of the 2 (?) FIRE TEAMS making up each demonstration Squad.

A process is followed of receiving the mission OPORD, refining the plans, briefing them to the appropriate participants, working out contingencies, supporting training for those involved, and then supporting mission execution and replanning in the face of the actual situation encountered. For a one-off mission at the Squad level this command, planning and execution control process typically can take from 12 to 24 hours.

For general SUO scenario and other information, see DARPA Special Unit Operations (SUO) Site user: suoteam password: available from Ken Sharpe.

Offensive Scenario

Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT)
Within context of SUO Scenario 2 - Operation San Roberto

Operation to clear a small town of snipers who are threatening an airport under protection of friendly forces.

Relevant Resources - CALL Handbooks for Night Fighter and Military Operations Other Than War (OOTW) -

Defensive Scenario

Defensive Operation in Restreictive Terrain
Within context of SUO Scenario 3.
Sketch map of scenario is available from Ken Sharpe.