Capabilities for the planning process

Verb/Noun Phrase Syntax.

Interconnectivity and Shared Models

Including if the module already has been interfaced to an AI system.

Including if the system is already in use on SUO scenarios (such as McKenna MOUT and/or Pass protection).


Machine, OS, and software requirements

Implementation languages



Web resources


Pauline Berry, SRI International Comments, 1-Mar-99:

I'm not sure how useful SIMFLEX and more particularly the FLEXX addition to PRS would be to the SUA demo system. However, Karen Myers does use the technology to demonstrate her CPEF system. It provides a 'zero fidelity' simulation capability that requires neither elaborate domain-specific action models, not tracks state information in the simulated world. Instead SIMFLEX requires only a syntactic description of the possible actions and conditions for a given domain. SIMFLEX generates an Act to simulate execution of each action. User-specified distributions can be used to determine rates of success failure or absence of a response, as well as the duration of actions. Alternatively users may override rates for individual actions, conditions or tasks. As such SIMFLEX provides a flexible tailorable environment in which to perform extensive evaluation of CPEF and SWIM.