Hardy2HTML Help

Hardy2HTML Help

Browsing the HTML files

If you have a browser with frames, such as Netscape 2.x, your model will be divided into three frames. If you have a non-frame browser, such as Mosaic or Internet Explorer, then all information is shown in one window, and cards will have more, scrollable information instead of being divided up.

The contents page of a report is always called top-level.html. The contents page shows the Hardy card hierarchy with the top card first, with child cards shown indented under their parents.

A diagram card is depicted using an inline image map. Each node is clickable, if using a browser which supports inline image maps.

In addition to the clickable image, there is a list of nodes with links to their expansions and details, so if your browser cannot cope with inline image maps, you may use these textual links to view the same information.

You can get to the contents via a link on each card page.

Installing the Hardy2HTML converter

This converter is available from AIAI and currently works on Windows 95 only.

Unarchive the Hardy2HTML distribution into a suitable directory. It contains the file dcview21.zip, which is a Windows bitmap to GIF converter needed by Hardy2HTML. Unzip this into a separate directory and copy cview.exe and cview.pif to a location in your PATH, where it will be found when run by Hardy. Your Windows directory will do.

Your diagrams.def file should be edited to insert a menu item for document translation:

custom(custom_menu_name = "&Translation",
  custom_menu_strings = ["Translate to &HTML"]).
It is recommended that you use Hardy for Windows 95, version 1.82 or later.

Using the Hardy2HTML converter

Run Hardy and batch the file loader.clp in the Hardy2HTML distribution, or run Hardy with -clips loader.clp.

The Hardy control window will have a new Translation menu. Load your Hardy index or diagram file, and select Translate to HTML from the Translation menu. You are presented with a preferences dialog with the following text fields:

Fill these fields in, and press OK or Cancel to abort. If OK is pressed, a progress dialog should appear. Eventually a DOS box should appear, running cview.exe to convert the diagram bitmaps. If there is a problem at this point, you probably have not installed cview.exe correctly. If all is well, press a key to close the DOS box and then press OK in the dialog that appeared simultaneously with the DOS box.

You should now have a set of HTML and GIF files in your destination directory.

Note that the preferences you filled in will be saved for next time in the file hardyhtm.ini in your Windows directory.

Files generated

These are the files generated by Hardy2HTML. Some of them are user-replacable, such as help.htm and the GIF files which can be tailored according to user preference.

Hardy2HTML restrictions

Cards other than diagram and text are not supported. There is untested provision for hypertext cards that use the standard block types and fonts.

Arc details are not shown since they were not required for the application Hardy2HTML was written to support.

Generation of HTML is currently restricted to Windows 95 for the following reasons:

Hardy to HTML converter, (c) AIAI, University of Edinburgh, 1996