type Agent
Label Air Mobility Element
Documentation The AME is responsible for the detailed planning and coordinating for all strategic airlift operations in theater. The AME is part of the theater airlift system and should be collocated within the JAOC. Should it become necessary to temporarily assign strategic airlift assets to fulfill the theater airlift mission requirements, then the AME will be the focal point and tasking authority for these missions. JFCs should rely on their JFACC to plan and control theater airlift operations. If a JFACC is not designated, the Air Force Component Commander should plan and control theater airlift. Normally, the planning and control for theater airlift operations will be conducted by specialized airlift sections embedded within functional staff sections of the JAOC.
Reference Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, 23 March 1994 page 217; Joint Pub 3-56.1 page B-2
Aliases AME
Definition A Liaison is a contact or intercommunication maintained between elements of military forces to ensure mutual understanding and unity of purpose and action.