type State
Label JFACC's Approved Course of Action
Documentation Through a briefing by the JFACC and/or the JFACC's staff, the JFC will review the JFACC's recommended COA. The JFC may aprove the JFACC's COA immediately or it may go through an iteration of changes until the JFC is satisified that it complies with the campaign objectives.
Reference Joint Pub 3-56.1 page III-1; Department of Definse Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, 23 March 1994 page 97
Alias COA
Definition A course of action can thought of as a plan that would accomplish, or is related to, the accomplishment of a mission. More specifically, the course of action is the scheme adopted to accomplish a task or mission. The supported commander will include a recommended course of action in the commander's estimate. The recommended course of action will include the concept of operations, evaluation of supportability estimates of supporting organizations, and an integrated time-phased data base of combat, combat support, and combat service support forces and sustainment. Refinement of this data base will be contingent on the time available for course of action development.