type Agent
Label Special Operations Liaison Element
Documentation The JFSOCC provides a SOLE to the JFACC/JFC staff or appropriate Service component air command and control facility to coordinate and synchronize SOF air and surface operations with joint air operations. A major SOLE responsibility is shared asset coordination deconfliction. The SOLE must consider airborne fire support and reconnaissance, command and control platforms, air refueling, as well as deconfliction of operations. The SOLE chief works directly for the JFSOCC and plances liaison officers throughout the JAOC staff.
Reference Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, 23 March 1994 page 217; Joint Pub 3-56.1 page II-7,
Aliases SOLE
Definition A Liaison is a contact or intercommunication maintained between elements of military forces to ensure mutual understanding and unity of purpose and action.