produce ATO
type UOB
node 23.1.41
idef0-ref 15
objects Produces: ATO Summary Produces: unreleased ATO Uses: ACO Uses: EC Msn Data Uses: SPINS Uses: Tanker Msn Data Uses: Target Msn Data
facts from 2 page Mitre diagram ACO Plans 1996 ----------------------------- from DRIY-TR-1994-001, Apdx D, fig 1
description The ATO summary is a report out of CTAPS which is used as a check on the ATO - ie: Is this what was intended to be planned Justification for why Apportionment decision has not been followed. --------------------------------------- this process can start before 23.1.40 is complete. process start: conflict start + 30 hours process duration: up to 7 hours Finalize ATO Summary is shown as a process in thsi figure. This process starts simultaneously with 23.1.40 but completes before it. process starts: conflict start + 25 hours process duration: up to 4 hours