co-ordinate mission requirements
type UOB
node 23.1.35
idef0-ref 12
objects Produces: EC Support Request Produces: Target Msn Data Produces: Target Msn SPINS Produces: Unit Head's UP Produces: refuelling requests Uses: EC Planning Uses: target planning updates Uses: unit information
facts from 2 page Mitre diagram AOC Plans 1996 ---------------------------------- from DRIY-TR-1994-001, Apdx D, Fig 1
description There is an iterative loop on changes to mission data and what drives it in terms of support. re Unit Head's up - this is the CAOC director's intention message which is sent out 48 hours before the ATO. It can be seen as a notional ATO. The unit representatives in the CAOC are involved in this process. ------------------------------------------ this process must start prior to 23.1.36 and 23.1.37 starting, and complete prior to them completing. process starts: conflict start + 15 hours process duration: up to 10 hours