develop master attack plan
type UOB
node 23.1.34
idef0-ref 11
objects Produces: ACM Req Produces: target planning updates Uses: Approved JIPTL Uses: Ops Feedback Uses: Rec JIPTL Uses: SPINS Uses: TNL Uses: current airspace plan Uses: current status
facts info from 2 page Mitre diagram AOC Plans 1996 ------------------------- info from DRIY-TR-1994-001, Apdx D, Fig 1
constraints constrained by CAS ATO sorties, Unit information, DCA ATO inputs, and JFACC Guidance Letter.
description This process occurs 12-14 hours after "perform target selection". From the start of this process to the release of the ATo takes 12 hours. From the end of this process to the start of the production of the ATO takes 10 hours. ---------------------------------------- This process can start but not complete before 22.1.33 "weaponeering/force application support" is complete. process starts: conflict start + 13 hours process duration: up to 4 hours