perform target selection
type UOB
node 22.1.30
idef0-ref 7
objects Agent: Intel Produces: potential target list Uses: EC Targets Uses: ICM/MOM Supports Uses: JIPTL Cutoff (Yesterday's) Uses: Ongoing Target Development Uses: Ops Feedback
facts information from mitre diagram AOC Plans 1996 ----------------------------------------- information taken from Technical Report DRIY-TR-1994-001, Figure 1
constraints constrained by JFACC Guidance Letter
description Specific targets may be nominated at this point. discussions suggested that Intel BDA reports may also feed into this process. ----------------------------------- From the start of this process to the end of "develop master attack plan" takes 12 to 14 hours. ------------------------------------- TR-info according to the timelines shown in Figure 1, "develop recommended JIPTL" also starts at this point in time, but it does not complete til after "perform weaponeering assessment broad)" is complete. This activity starts and completes within the first 2 hours of a conflict starting.