allocate CAS sorties
type UOB
node 22.1.29
idef0-ref 10
objects Produces: CAS ATO sorties
facts forms part of the JIPTL development process which starts Day 7 of the ATO Planning Cycle. the ATO Planning Cycle lasts another 27 hours. Information from the 2 page Mitre diagram AOC Plans 1996 --------------------------------------- Information from DRIY-TR-1994-001, Apdx D, Fig 1 As for process 22.1.30 "develop recommended JIPTL" can start simultaneously with this process but completes once 22.1.31 is complete.
constraints constrained by JFACC Guidance Letter and Unit Information
description CAS sorties are easy to identify so are allocated first. Involves working closely with the Land Component to provide CAP (Close Air Patrol). this process starts and completes within the first 2 hours of a conflict starting