ISS VR Experience in Unity Player and VR

Please note that the ISS VR Experience uses complex 3D models and will need a computer with reasonable performance and a good graphics card.

ISS VR Experience in Unity Web Player

Try a Unity Web Player version (based on Unity 5.3) of the experience in most browsers at
Mac users will need to use Fn+UpArrow and Fn+DownArrow for the keys needed to allow the astronaut avatar to move up and down. Apple-Mac-PageUp-PageDown

ISS VR Experience on Oculus Rift (or Flat Screen) for Windows 64-bit

Windows (64-bit) Standalone, and Oculus Rift
Zip File - Oculus SDK 1.6 version
If you have an Oculus Rift, try this Windows standalone executable (.exe) version which should work with or without the Oculus Rift by obtaining this ZIP file, unzip it, and run the .exe file. You can use the arrow keys, page up and page down to move about. If you have a game controller attached, the left stick should move the astronaut, and the right and left bumpers will move you up and down. You can quit the experience using either the "q" or "esc" keys.

Since these experiences are made available directly, rather than via the "Oculus Home" store you will need to "Allow Apps from Unknown Sources" in Oculus Home to enable them to run on the consumer versions of the Oculus Rift... see here for instructions.

ISS VR Experience in Unity WebGL

Using a suitable browser, such as Firefox, try a WebGL version of the experience at
This has been built with the WebGL Player "Publishing Settings" Memory set at 1024MB, rather than the default 256MB... 512MB was also insufficient.... and it may still run out of memory when you try it.

Credit for the open source models and other resources used in the ISS Experience are listed in this Readme text file.

Blog posts with some background on the creation of the virtual reality experience...