Workflow Management Coalition - Members

Members as at 3-December-1997

General Members

* Action Technologies Inc.
* Altris Software
* Assn. For Information & Image Management
* Baan Company
  Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway
* Business Review International
* Cap Gemini Innovation
* Cimage Enterprise Systems Ltd.
* CoCreate Software
* COI - Consult. for Office & Information Management
* Computer Resources International
* Computer Sciences Corporation
* Computron Software Inc.
* CSE Systems
* DCE Nederland BV
* Defense Information Systems Agency
* Delphi Consulting Group
* Digital Equipment Corporation
* DocuCorp International
* Document Access
* Domus Software
* DST Systems Inc.
* Eastman Software
* Ernst & Young LLP
* Fabasoft
* FileNet Corporation
* Forte Software Inc.
* Fujitsu
* Handysoft Corp.
* Hewlett Packard
* Hitachi Ltd.
  Holosofx, Inc.
* ICL Enterprises
* Identitech Inc.
* IDS Prof. Scheer GmbH
* InConcert Inc.
* Insiel S.p.A.
* Interfacing Technologies Corp.
* InterSoft Argentina S.A.
* Jetform Corporation
* Joint Logistics Systems Center (JLSC)
* Kaisha-Tec
* Lion Gesellschaft
* Logical Software Solutions Corporation
* Lucent Technologies
* MACESS Corporation
* MD&A Business Information Services
* Meta Software MS S.A
* Meta Technology
* Micrografx Inc.
* Microsoft Corporation
* Mosaix Inc.
* Napersoft Inc
  National Life Of Vermont
* NEC Corporation
* Network Imaging Systems Corporation
* NovaSoft Systems Inc.
* Novell Inc.
* NTT Nippon Telegragh and Telephone Corporation
* ONEstone Information Technologies GmbH
* Open Text Corporation
* Optika Imaging Systems
* Oracle Corporation
* Pegasystems Inc.
* PeopleSoft Inc.
* Plexus - Division of BancTec
* Price Waterhouse LLC
  Royal Bank of Canada
* SAS Institute Inc.
* Sema Group Sae
* Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme
* SNS Systems Inc
* Software 2000
* Software Daten Service GmbH
* Software Ley GmbH
* Staffware plc
* SunGard Healthcare, Intelus Devision
* SWT GmbH
* Systems & Computer Technology Corporation
  Technical University Of Wien
* Ten Ham Informatiesystemen B.V.
* The Coca-Cola Company
* The Ohio State University
* Concentus Technology Corporation
* Unisys A/S
  University Of Twente
* University Of Vienna
* Vision
* Workflow & Groupware Strategies
  Workflow Automation Ltd.
* Workflow Solutions Group Inc.
  Wurttembergische Versicherungen
* Xerox Research Centre Europe
Note: organisations with a leading asterisk (*) are funding members.

Guest Members

Abbott McCarthy, Consulting Associates
Alpha Conseil
ALVE Software Engineering
American Management Systems
Applied Training Resources
Banyan Systems Inc.
BC Systems Corporation
Bet Teseo S.L.
BSG Consulting
Business Concept International
Cimtech Ltd. (UK AIIM)
Comparex Software & Service GmbH
Computer Technics Comercio e Consultoria Ltda.
Concordium Software Ltd.
CSI - Council for Informatics
Danet GmbH
Deutsche Telekom AG
Ditec Ltd.
Dr. Gotzer & CO. GmbH
Dresdner Bank AG
ELCA Matrix SA
Electronic Data Systems
Elsag Bailey
Enix Consulting Ltd.
European Enterprise Integration Supportive Services
Fraunhofer Institut
Galleymead Ltd.
Gartner Group
GIGA Information Group
GLS Conseil
GUS AG & Co.
Hatton Blue Ltd.
Hyundai Information Technology Co. Ltd.
IA Corporation
IMTF, Informatique MTFSA
Information Management Associates Inc. (IMA)
Informix Software
ING Bank
Institut fur Informatik
J.L.Kellogg Graduate School of Management
Jupiter Informatie & Management
K.U. Leuven
Keyfile Corporation
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Logica UK
Mark V Systems Limited
Mentor Graphics Corporation
MetaConcepts Inc.
Meta Group
Meta-Generics Ltd.
Metaphase Technology Inc.
Meta Software Corporation
n-Tier Technology LLP
Nanum Technologies Co. Ltd.
NASA Ames Research Center
National Defence
Nihon Unisys
Object Management Group (OMG)
Officeware Ltd.
Portfolio Technologies Inc.
PPP Healthcare
Praxis Plc.
Project Consult
PROMATIS Informatik
Riverton Software
SINTEF Informatics
Softlab GmbH
Software Engineering Institute
Standard Life Assurance Company Ltd.
Strategic Consulting & Associates
Strategy Partners
Sybase Inc.
Systor AG
Tactica Corporation
Tandem Computers Incorporated
Technical Univ. of Darmstadt
Technical Univ. of Berlin
Technical Univ. of Dresden
Technology Deployment International
Teknowledge Corporation
Telstra Applied Technologies
The Chase Manhattan Bank
T-Kartor Sweden AB
Tscheinig & Partner
TSI International
TT Government Service Ltd.
Twijnstra Gudde
Universal Document Management Systems Inc.
Universal Systems Inc.
University of Bamberg
University of Edinburgh, AIAI
University of Erlangen-Nuernberg
University of Georgia
University of Hohenheim
University of Linz
University of Manchester
University of Muenster
University of St. Gallen
University of Stuttgart
University of Ulm
VTT, Information Technology
WorkPoint Systems Inc.
Zurcher Kantonalbank

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