Workflow Management Coalition - Press Release - 16-Jun-95

Workflow Management Coalition Statement Regarding The Announcement By Microsoft And Wang On April 12, 1995 On joint Development Of Work Management Extensions To MAPI (WMAPI)

London, June 16, 1995: This statement is issued as a reflection of part of the meeting of the Workflow Management Coalition (WFMC) held on June 14-16, 1995 in London, UK.

The co-development plans for the Work Management Application Programming Interface (WMAPI) were recently announced by Microsoft and Wang as an extension of the existing Microsoft interfaces. Both companies are funding members of the Workflow Management Coalition which is respected as the industry-wide standards body. The WMAPI, similar to other vendor APIs' already available, will be publicly available for developers in the near future.

The WMAPI addresses the areas covered by the WfMC's Interface 2 (first made available for public review in April 1995) and Interface 3 specifications. Microsoft will communicate in August the early draft of WMAPI to the Coalition's Interface 2 and 3 Working Groups with three goals:

  1. to take benefit of WFMC members high level expertise to validate WMAPI;
  2. to filter within WMAPI the features that may prevent or make difficult the future implementation of the Coalition's WAPI.
  3. to identify parts of the WMAPI that constitute functional extensions to the Coalition's WAPI and that may be of interest for the Coalition.
In addition to Interfaces 2 and 3, the Coalition has a substantial number of other workflow interfaces in its proposed architecture (the

Workflow Reference Model) that complement the areas covered by WMAPI.

Microsoft and Wang will continue to play an active role in the Coalition and its Working Group's activities.


  1. A dozen industry vendors are currently exploiting the Coalition's published and draft standards by, among others, implementing the API-Interface 2 specification as part of the overall architecture of the Reference Model.
  2. Many users are demanding the Coalition's standards to be used in vendor products.
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