Workflow Glossary - Press Release - 16-Jan-95

Workflow Standards Body Publishes Glossary

Brussels, January 16, 1995 ... The Workflow Management Coalition today announced the release of a Glossary that provides a common set of terms for workflow vendors, developers and users. The Glossary is the first official publication of the Coalition which is composed of workflow users, vendors, consultants, and educational institutions.

Malcolm Catling, Information Architecture Manager at DHL International (UK) Ltd. echoed the feelings of many workflow users when he remarked, "This is a very important step. DHL is integrating Workflow into core business processes and systems and as the usage spreads internationally, has much to gain from the standardisation and interworking of Workflow systems. It is good to see the Coalition delivering its first promise in the form of the Glossary".

"The Glossary takes a step forward toward establishing a conceptual framework for customers and vendors." said Gene Pierce, AT&T Global Information Solutions, leader of the Glossary Working Group. "For customers the Glossary provides a better understanding of the technology in general. For workflow vendors the Glossary provides a basis for furthering the work of the Coalition on behalf of the customer."

The Glossary defines over fifty workflow terms and concepts which are embodied in the Workflow Reference Model, a framework for establishing a common understanding of workflow functionality and defining product interoperability and connectivity standards. The terms range from basic concepts such as "business process" and "workflow management system" to specific technical terms such as "workflow enactment service", "transition condition" and "worklist handler". For each term the Glossary provides a definition, usage examples and common industry synonyms.

"The publication of this document reflects the quick progress made by technical working groups since the formation of the Coalition last year.", said Dave Hollingsworth, ICL, Chairman of the Technical Committee, "It carries the support of more than 100 members from North and South America, Europe and Asia and Australia".

"Workflow has broad applicability and the Coalition is taking a leadership role in establishing standards that represent the consensus of a diverse membership", said Thomas Koulopoulos, Delphi Consulting, and President of the External Relations Committee.

"Workflow is reaching a broad market and the Coalition is now taking an active role in helping users understand how the Coalition's work will benefit them through a communications program, active participation in industry events, and liaison with other industry bodies", added Nick Kingsbury, Software Support Limited and External Relations Officer for Europe.

The Workflow Management Coalition was established in August 1993 as a non-profit international body for the development and promotion of workflow standards. Its membership is open to all parties interested or involved in the creation, analysis or deployment of Workflow Management Systems.

Examples of the areas where definitions are proposed in the Glossary are listed below:

For further information or copies of Coalition Publications including the Glossary, contact :
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