Web-Based Decision Support for Divorce Lawyers

This joint project between the Department of Law at Edinburgh and AIAI concluded at the end of 2002. The following papers were published:

S. Duguid, L. Edwards and J. Kingston, “A Web-based Decision Support System for Divorce Lawyers”, International Journal of Law, Computers & Technology, 15, 3, 2001, pp. 265-280.

John Kingston, Lilian Edwards and Jean Hall, “Prototyping a Legal Decision Support System: A Case Study”. Proceedings of Lawtech 2002, the 3rd International Conference on Law and Technology, Boston, Mass., 6-7 November 2002. IASTED.

Two modules were developed covering two different aspects of the division of matrimonial property after divorce under Scots law. Short video clips of the two modules being used can be found here and here. The second module can also be run live by logging in here.


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