The University of Edinburgh School of Informatics

informatics@edinburgh in Second Life
Initial Facility - December 2007

The School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh established initial facilities in Second Life in December 2007. These have since been replaced with a region associated with Virtual University of Edinburgh - Vue with a range of facilities on it.

These are being used for student projects and for outreach.

The initial custom designed multi-story office provided for:

  • A front office and reception area accessible to all
  • Virtual presentation rooms and chat areas
  • Student project suites
  • Rooftop recreation and demonstration facilities
If you are interested contact Ai Austin.
Some Useful links:

Location Description SLurl SL Launch
Vue Virtual University of Edinburgh SLurl
Informatics informatics@edinburgh SLurl
AIAI2 AIAI2 at Vue SLurl