11-Feb-2003, 11:00am, 3.03, Appleton Tower
Organiser: Chris Mellish

Some of the Informatics folks involved in the Workshop on Synthesis, 11-Feb-2003, Edinburgh. The fourth event run by PEA Pod. Large image here.

Synthesis of a complex system from a repertoire of possible components is a common task in Informatics. For instance,

The set of components may be fixed or dynamically generated. There may be issues of search as the number of combinations can be large. The intelligent selection of candidate components to be included in a solution may also be an issue. There may be local constraints (e.g. preconditions matching postconditions) or more global constraints and preferences on the structure of the solution. Can we gain by sharing our various goals and solutions for synthesis problems?


Attendees were:

Alan Bundy (CISA), John Levine (CISA), Austin Tate (CISA), Henrik Westerberg (CISA), Chris Mellish (CISA), Ewan Klein (ICCS/HCRC), Knox Haggie (CISA), Stuart Aitken (CISA), Stephen Potter (CISA), Claus Zinn (ICCS/HCRC), Sebastian Varges (ICCS/HCRC), Qiang Shen (CISA) [12 in total]

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