Natural Language Applications and Planning

27-Aug-2001, The Millennium Room, 2 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh
Organisers: Jean Carletta and John Levine

Some of the Informatics folks involved in the Workshop on Natural Language Applications and Planning, 27-Aug-2001, Edinburgh. The second event run by PEA Pod. Another image: Bonnie Webber.

In this workshop, we discussed the use of planning and plan representations within natural language applications. Planning is pervasive in human activity, including in the way that people use language. Natural language applications may wish to use plan representations to (among other things):

The major issues which were addressed in the workshop discussion were: The following people attended the workshop:

D K Arvind (ICSA), Johan Bos (ICCS[LTG]), Jean Carletta (ICCS[LTG]), Alison Cawsey (Heriot-Watt), Mark Core (ICCS), Bruce Eddy (Heriot-Watt), Mike Fourman [CISA/ICCS], Nikiforos Karamanis (ICCS), Ewan Klein (ICCS), John Levine (CISA[AIAI]), Ruli Manurung (ICCS), Colin Matheson (ICCS[LTG]), Nestor Miliaev (Heriot-Watt), Johanna Moore (ICCS/HCRC), Jon Oberlander (ICCS), Emiliano Gomes Padilha (ICCS), Graeme Ritchie (ICCS), Mark Steedman (ICCS/HCRC), Austin Tate (CISA[AIAI]), Sebastian Varges (ICCS), Bonnie Webber (ICCS/CISA), John Zeleznikow (Law School), Klaus Zinn (ICCS), Ofir Zussman (ICCS).


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