AI Planning Course Credits and Permissions

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Course logo images courtesy of NASA, ESA, ArianeSpace, machu, and AIAI projects at the University of Edinburgh.

ASIMO Image from Wikipedia (Accessed: 31-Jul-2012; image taken by machu on August 16, 2005 and posted on Flickr by user "machu", originally from [1]).

Course Videos

Planner demonstration video clips and Freddy-II robot footage from AIAI projects used with permission of Director of AIAI at the University of Edinburgh.

Shakey Robot image and video clips used with permission of SRI International.

Filming of Freddy-II robot at the National Museum of Scotland with permission of National Museum of Scotland (Kirsty Tough and Tacye Phillipson).

"Story of A* and STRIPS" video and images used with permission of Nils Nilsson.

"SIPE-2" video from David Wilkins, SRI International.

"Heuristic Search Planning" video from Jörg Hoffmann, Foundations of Artificial Intelligence Group, Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany.

"AI Planning for Space" video from Brad Clement, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA. Images: NASA, ESA, ArianeSpace.

Course Slides

Images from AIAI projects and web site used with permission of Director of AIAI at the University of Edinburgh.

Albert Einstein Image by Ferdinand Schmutzer from Wikimedia Commons (Accessed 13-Jan-2013).

RoboCup Rescue Grand Challenge image copyright © 2001, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence ( and used with permisison. From Kitano, H. and Tadokoro, S. (2001) "RoboCup Rescue: A Grand Challenge for Multiagent and Intelligent Systems", AI Magazine, Vol.22, No. 1, pp 39-52, Spring, 2001. [2]

NASA Deep Space 1 Remote Agent Experiment slides courtesy of NASA Ames and used with permission of David Kortencamp and Gregory Dorais (original source [3]).

Other space mission images courtesy of NASA, ESA and ArianeSpace.

SIPE/SIPE-2 technical features list and screen shots from David Wilkins, SRI International.

SHOP/SHOP-2 images of planner search tree, bridge play application and manufacturing automation machinery from CMSC722 Planning Course presentation by Dana Nau, University of Maryland, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License (CC BY-NC-SA).

Resource Usage Requirements

Images from AIAI projects and web site used for this course with permission of Director of AIAI at the University of Edinburgh. Many are copyright of their originators. No further reuse rights are implied.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) space mission image use policy is described at

European Space Agency (ESA) images may be used for educational or informational purposes. The publicly released ESA images may be reproduced without fee, on the following conditions:

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