Call for Participation

The Workshop for Edinburgh Work on Rich Plan, Process
and Activity Representations and Their Uses

Date: Friday, January 12th, 2001
80 South Bridge, Room F13

Advanced Knowledge Technologies Project
AIAI/IRR, Division of Informatics
This workshop is intended to provide an informal platform for Edinburgh 
researchers to exchange their research work and experiences in plan, 
process and activity representation, modelling and past experiences 
of using them in (real-world) applications. We plan to provide a few 
invited talks followed by sessions of open form discussion. The 
topics may be covered in the workshop include but not limited to:

     - State of The Art in Plan and Process Ontology
     - Emerging Standards in Process Representation
     - Innovative Real-World Applications based on Rich Plan Representations 
     - Plan Representations in Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
     - Plan Representations in Web Pages Synthesis
     - Plan Representations in Knowledge Management
     - Plan Representations in Workflow Systems
     - Plan Representations in Multi-Perspective Modelling 

Open Forum Discussion Topics:

1. How can plan representation contribute to today's problems? How
   they have been used? Have they been successful? What are the
   deciding factors which make the use of plan representation
   a useful input for an application/research problem? We welcome both
   positive as well as "negative" research results - negative research
   results as when plan representation does not work.  

2. Has the internet technology together with the abundance means of
   human communication, i.e. via voice, data, images or a combination
   of them, provides new opportunities and challenges for plan
   representation? Can plan representation provides (some) solutions
   to them? 

As a result of this workshop, a collection of related papers
contributed by the speakers as well as by participants, and a summary
of the open discussion from the workshop will be compiled and make 
available for all participants to the workshop. 

We look forward to seeing you !

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