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Actions Items

The actions items arising from this meeting and the persons nominated are as follows:

  1. Becky Burnard: Becky is to check that all materials in the Domain Specific Evaluation Paper written by Tate and Gil has been properly cleared and does not contain any sensitive data.
  2. Becky Burnard: Becky is to update the materials for PRECiS on the WWW and to create new entries where necessary. The current version 1 of the PRECiS document is to be broken up (as described above). The PRECiS materials can be found on the ISX machine (ISX.COM), in the directory /pub/precis.
  3. Matt Ginsberg: Matt is to advertise via e-mail that a scalable generative planning scenario is being developed and is to coordinate all replies concerning this matter.
  4. Brian Drabble: Brian was to bring together the current PRECiS materials concerning documents, domain descriptions, scenarios and simulators and to then make this information available to Becky Burnard to place in the PRECiS directory.
  5. Austin Tate: Austin was to document the possible mapping between IFD-2 and IFD-2 and the PRECiS domain. This mapping would be confidential to ARPI participants.

It was also decided to set a series of deadlines for the group:

  1. By March 20th 1994 the action language of the problem should be defined.
  2. By mid May 1994 the example should be flushed out.
  3. By the AIPS meeting in Chicago in June 1994 there should be an update on the date available for this problem.
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