Information Concepts for Coalition C2


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Operational Challenges What are we concerned about for tomorrow?

A Vision for the Future Information Centric

A Four Layer Model of Information Centric Systems

Current US Capabilities

Command Post of the Future

Information Management for the Warrior

What is the Battlespace InfoSphere?

Inside the Battlespace InfoSphere

Key BI Concepts

Example: fuselets* that aggregate

Integrated Battle Force Management

IBFM Development Thrusts

Living Plans

Living Plans

Plans Span Functions & Echelons

Different “Functional” Views of the Same Concept

Different Concepts! Ontology: A Theory of Semantic Consistency

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Aerospace Information Architecture for What Needs to Be “Published”

Sharable Core Execution Representation Key Objectives

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Author: Northrup Fowler III


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Presentation from the International Workshop on Knowledge-Based Planning for Coalition Forces, 10th and 11th May, 1999, Edinburgh, Scotland

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