Room 4.05 and Osprey instructions

Authors Tim Colles and John Berry, 20/03/07.

Additional info on accounts created for this:

(not in the public document. Refer to timc/johnb for this information)

Installing from a clean image:
  1. There are clean images available in E:\backup\.
  2. There are clean images available via CO staff on spanned CDs.
  1. Enable "boot from floppy option" in bios if needed.
  2. Insert floppy disk 1 of Drive Image software.
  3. Wait 'til prompted (and the drive light is out).
  4. Insert disk 2 and hit a key.
  5. When Drive Image loads choose "restore an image".
  6. Hit the "Browse" button
  7. Drop down the "Drives" menu.
  8. Choose either \disk1\part4 Other or the CD/DVD drive with the first CD in it.
  9. Select the drive image you want to restore (a .pqi file).
  10. Click "OK".
  11. Restore to the "SYSTEM" partition
  12. Agree to continue.
  13. Reboot when conplete.
  14. Start->Windows Update.
  15. Choose at least Express for critical updates.
  16. Reboot even if not prompted.
  17. Done.

Install the Osprey capture card:

  1. Insert Osprey Card and connect via breakout box - S3 video (AKA S video) connection to the Sony camera.
  2. Boot machine and log on as administrator.
  3. Cancel hardware wizard and any other windows.
  4. Cancel hardware wizard (twice).
  5. Install Osprey card drivers from (current model Osprey 300) with username AIAI Organisation UoE.
  6. Install the Pal (!) drivers when prompted.
  7. Choose Complete install, and click "continue anyway" to all windows logo testing
  8. Reboot.
  9. Test with swiftcap, need to do:
  10. Settings->Capture Settings
  11. then device Osprey and standard pal.
  12. Capture, start/stop then play.

Machine and account:

  1. turn on machine pcb (, right hand machine).
  2. log on to account called Teleconference, passwd available from timc/johnb.
  3. turn on camera attached to osprey card (green button on remote).

Disable startup software:

  1. All vcon software should be disabled at startup, keeps things clean.
  2. Do this by Start->Run->msconfig
  3. click on startup tab.
  4. remove skype
  5. remove MsnMsgr
  6. remove Conf
  7. remove Vigo Loader, Click Apply, then close.
  8. Restart then log back in as Teleconference.
  9. Click "Do not Show Again" on the system configuration dialog.

Additional software needed:

  1. splitcam (current version 2.5) download from:
  2. Get the download executable file.
  3. Run splitcam installer file, "continue anyway" on the windows logo messages.
  4. add the settings (click to toggle) by Options->Settings:
  5. Enable Minimize to system tray
  6. Enable Startup with Windows
  7. Then use the "Video" button to select the Osprey card.
  8. You should see stream if the camera is active.

Finally to have splitcam launch on login in play mode minimised to the systray:

  1. Start->Run->regedit to modify
  2. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  3. and change the SplitCam Key to
  4. C:\Program Files\SplitCam\SplitCam.exe /play /minimized

MSN Messenger, how to reset video card to osprey if setting is lost.

  1. Note you need a recent version of messenger (current is 8.1), autoupdates should get this.
  2. Or you can do it manually from the windows website at:
  4. Start Messenger, and log on.
  5. Tools->Audio and Video setup
  6. next button
  7. next button
  8. next button
  9. then select splitcam
  10. leave the options alone
  11. click finish button
  12. Should see stream if camera active
  13. Exit livemessenger

Skype, how to reset video card to osprey if setting is lost.

  1. Start Skype and log in. May need to upgrade skype first.
  2. Tools->Options
  3. Click on Video(beta)
  4. Tick Enable Skype Video.
  5. Set the webcam to SplitCam Capture and hit the Test webcam button, you should see the stream if camera is active.
  6. Then hit the "save" button.

  1. get an account (astro community is open) and log in
  2. if you don't have the required software it'll auto download the minimum package.
  3. go to downloads.
  4. get the Sharing Desktop Server and the remote control of VideoCamera software.
  5. And install.
  6. Back to, the astro community has a test virtual room "HoloDeck".
  7. Client setup-> Mbone, back to main and hit connect.
  8. If you're missing software it'll autodownload, tell windows to unblock it.
  9. Again tell windows to unblock it.
  10. Note Mbone tools need to be run first as it doesn't default to WMDs.
  11. On the Vic holodeck virtual room.
  12. Settings->Advanced Settings->Source->WMD-> choose Splitcam.
  13. And save settings.

Additional Information:

Note not tested, just here for information.

Just go there, note you need to install an active X component.

And we'd need to sign up (pay money!) to test the video. Options disabled in demo.

And it requires Internet Explorer.

Adobe Live Connect

Requires Flash Player 9 (prompts for an install). Custom install or you'll end up with a google tool bar if you use I.E.

Is currently only available to Northern America customers...

Demo is "dead" i.e. no controls, just a presentation so camera not tested.