TaskDescriptionTarget Date
Implement JTMSImplement the JTMS in php and interface it with existing inference engine code14-July-05
Write JTMS documentWrite document demonstrating some inferences which couldbe used in ERA and which take advantage of the jtms22-July-05
Rule conversionTranscode relevant rules from last version of ERA25-July-05
Build ERA program logic and shellDesign forms and pages for ERA and implement program flow in php, embed rules in the application both from the previous ERA version and original rule03-Aug-05
Bug fixing and testingTest and bug fix to bring system up to scratch for evaluation05-Aug-05
Evaluation completedWrite up can be done whilst test subjects are performing evaluation19-Aug-05
Write up draft completedAlthough chapters will be submitted for proof reading as they are completed the first draft of the final documents should be completed by this date21-Aug-05
Final proof reading and correctionsLast final finishing touches before hand in25-Aug-05