Summary of meeting on 21st June 2005

			Stephen Potter wrote: 
			Prof. Bundy, 

			Dave Crighton and I had a meeting yesterday afternoon to discuss his progress. 
			At the previous meeting, Dave had suggested that might would be easier, given 
			the large number of control rules necessary for the WebCLIPS implementation, 
			to reimplement ERA in PHP. However, it was not clear that there would be 
			enough time remaining to do this. 
			In the meantime, Dave has implemented a basic reasoning shell in PHP, able 
			to assert/retract facts, represent rules, and use modus ponens to apply facts to 
			rules. It still lacks a forward-chaining mechanism (I think?) and a 'user friendly' 
			manner of expressing rules (currently rules are created by initiating an object 
			with the appropriate values at the programming level), but given the progress 
			that has been made, and Dave's own judgements of the amount of effort still 
			required, it seems that there should be enough time for the reimplementation 
			of ERA, and we agreed that he would continue with this approach. 


			David Crighton wrote:
			Isn't forward chaining just the application of modus ponens to all rules which can fire?
			If so this is already implemented, otherwise I think I might have got into some confusion