Summary of meeting on 27th May 2005

Dave Crighton wrote:
>Discussed program implementation:
>Use webCLIPS in cookies mode so that it outputs a file with all of the current visible rules

Not so much the rules as the facts that have been inferred and their justifications.

>Parse this file with something like php, perl etc and run TMS in that language

I thought the idea was to use php/perl etc to parse into Prolog format, or similar, and then run the TMS in Prolog.

>Output files in CLIPS format so it can be used by the next screen
>Need to pay attention to control-flow with this method
>Most likely implement a straight JTMS unless prototype proves a JTMS doesnt provide enough capabilities.
>A full specification due approx a week from now (8th June at the latest)
>Discussed possibility of using the prototype as part of the final implementation.
>Should contact Gordon Reid re: web interfacing capabilities of the different prologs which the school has licenses for.
>Setup project webpage with outline, progress etc
>Fill out and bring in IP form at the end of "How to be a student" document
>Email summaries of meetings from now on
>Next meeting Thursday 9th June 4:30pm but Stephen away until 8th so won't be able to respond to queries.
>Hope that covers everything

Yes, that looks like an accurate record.