Enterprise Project: Procedure Builder

The Procedure Builder is the part of the Enterprise Tool Set, with which users can graphically capture their business procedures, in a form which can be used by the Enterprise Task Manager. Procedure diagrams contain procedure nodes, linked together by precedence arcs. The diagram can also include conditional fan-in and fan-out branches. Procedures can be hierarchical in nature, with procedures at one level being capable of being broken down into further procedures.

Procedure Builder uses part of the IDEF3 Process Description Capture Method. Specifically it uses the notation for the Process Flow Networks (PFN's) that are one of the two different views on processes provided by the IDEF3 method. Procedure builder allows the user to build diagrams that are true IDEF3 PFN's. The user can fill in elaboration forms for procedures, junctions and links, using forms that are identical to IDEF3 elaboration forms. The user can print out individual procedure diagrams, or all the diagrams that make up the procedure. The user also has the option of printing out a report on the procedure that contains both diagrams and the information that is contained in the elaboration documents for the diagram. The main function of the Procedure Builder for the Enterprise project is to provide procedures as input to the Task Manager in the Enterprise tool set. Although printed diagrams and reports are useful for users whilst they are developing procedures, their goal is to produce output that is useful for the Task Manager. To that end the Procedure Builder allows the user to add more information to a procedure diagram that will be used by the Task Manager. Examples of such information are precondition and effect information for procedures, and marking start and end nodes for procedures.

(Last updated: 6th September 1996)
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