Relation Related-Axioms

Arity: 2
Related-Axioms is a relation that maps any object in the domain of discourse to a KIF sentence related to that object. KIF sentences can be denoted by quoted expressions. The object is not necessarily a symbol. It is usually a class or relation or instance of a class. Therefore Related does not mean that the object is mentioned in the axiom, and there is no syntactic test for relatedness.


  • Related-Axioms is used by Ontolingua translators to denote axioms related to a class, relation or instance that cannot be formulated using the frame ontology.
  • Related-axioms is multivalued relation (as opposed to a function). When viewed as a slot, each slot value is a single axioms (typically specified as quoted list).
  • Related-axioms is not the same as defining-axiom. Defining-axiom maps a constant (e.g., a symbol)
    to an axiom.
  • See-Also: sentence defining-axiom
Instance-Of: Binary-Relation, Relation, Set
Range: Sentence