Relation Intended-Purpose

Instance-Of: Binary-Relation, Relation, Set
Domain: Activity-Spec
Range: State-Of-Affairs
Subrelation-Of: Specified-Effect
Arity: 2
A Relationship between an Activity-Spec and a State-Of-Affairs whereby: 1. Execution of the Activity-Spec will result in fully or partially Achieving the State Of Affairs *and*
2. The State-Of-Affairs comprises one more of the Specified-Effects of the Activity-Spec whose achievement is declared to be the primary reason(s) for Executing the Activity-Spec. An Activity-Spec with an Intended-Purpose is defined to be a Plan

Frame References to Intended-Purpose:

In class Plan:


Minimum-Slot-Cardinality: 0
Slot-Cardinality: 1
Slot-Value-Type: State-Of-Affairs

Implication Axioms mentioning Intended-Purpose:

(=> (Critical-Success-Factor ?Csf)
    (Exists (?Actor) (Intended-Purpose ?Actor ?Csf)))

(=> (Planning ?Planning)
    (Exists (?Plan ?Aspec)
            (And (Plan ?Plan)
                 (Activity-Spec ?Aspec)
                 (Execution-Of-Activity-Spec ?Aspec ?Planning)
                 (Intended-Purpose ?Aspec
                                   '(Actual-Output ?Planning ?Plan)))))

(=> (Purpose ?Purpose)
    (Or (Exists (?Plan) (Intended-Purpose ?Plan ?Purpose))
        (Exists (?Actor) (Hold-Purpose ?Actor ?Purpose))))

(=> (Strategic-Planning ?Sgc-Planning)
    (Exists (?Strategy ?Aspec)
            (And (Strategy ?Strategy)
                 (Activity-Spec ?Aspec)
                 (Execution-Of-Activity-Spec ?Aspec ?Sgc-Planning)
                 (Intended-Purpose ?Aspec
                                   '(Actual-Output ?Sgc-Planning

(=> (Strategy ?Strategy)
    (Exists (?Purpose)
            (And (Strategic-Purpose ?Purpose)
                 (Intended-Purpose ?Strategy ?Purpose))))

Equivalence Axioms mentioning Intended-Purpose:

(<=> (Plan ?X) (Exists (?Soa) (Intended-Purpose ?X ?Soa)))

(<=> (Purpose ?Purpose)
     (And (State-Of-Affairs ?Purpose)
          (Qua-Entity ?Purpose)
          (Or (Exists (?Plan) (Intended-Purpose ?Plan ?Purpose))
              (Exists (?Actor) (Hold-Purpose ?Actor ?Purpose)))))

(<=> (Sub-Plan-Of ?Sub-Plan ?Plan)
     (And (Plan ?Plan)
          (Plan ?Sub-Plan)
          (Exists (?Purpose ?Sub-Purpose)
                  (And (Intended-Purpose ?Plan ?Purpose)
                       (Intended-Purpose ?Sub-Plan ?Sub-Purpose)
                       (Help-Achieve ?Sub-Purpose ?Purpose)))))