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CoAX   Coalition Agents eXperiment
  Binni 2000 (9 Months) Demonstration

A document giving the narration script for the demonstration is available at here (MS Word Document 44KB). The original script for the demonstration as shown on 21st September 2000 is available here (MS Word Document 45KB).

Coalition Command Structure

Image at 934X699; Image at 1867x1397

Demonstration Features

New "observer" domain containing "surrogate" Dartmouth Gao Observer (DGO) and Dartmouth Agadez Observer (DAO) agents (for the purposes of the 9-month demo, these are KAoS rather than Dartmouth agents). Gao requests to put one of their agents (Gao Agadez Observer, GAO) on the sensor platform that is hosting DAO, so that they can observe Agadez movements independently. Because there is some mistrust of Gao, permission is granted, but GAO is required to join a special subdomain (Gao Observer, G.O.) of the Observer domain, which is "safer" than the standard observer domain because it uses the IHMC Aroma VM (part of NOMADS). After the Gao Intel domain is cut off (as in the 6-month scenario), Gao intends to venge itself by launching a denial of service attack (e.g., writing continuously to hard disk or network) by its GAO agent within the G.O. domain. Using the combination of KAoS domain management and NOMADS facilities, the denial-of-service attack is stopped by imposing resource rate limits on the agent and DAO's ability to continue observing is unimpaired. In this case, we demonstrate either an event-driven policy change (triggered by a sentinel automatically noticing the pattern of attack) or the sentinel submitting the policy change proposal to the (human) agent domain administrator to make the changes using the KAoS Policy Administration Tool (KPAT).

Screen Movies

screen movies    screen movies
CoAX Screen Movies

There are two formats for the screen movies. One uses a standard AVI codec (Microsoft RLE) that should be installed by default on Windows media players. The other format uses Techsmith Camtasia screen recording format (using a high compression codec which leads to much smaller files for downloading). They are packaged as Windows AVIs which require the TSSC codec. TSSC.exe is available separately to install just the codec ahead of running the screen movies if required (Windows .exe file 191KB). Administrator user rights are required on Windows NT or Windows 2000.

The screen movies are 1024x768 pixels in size and 256 colours and should be run full screen on playback. Full screen playback on Windows Media Player can be toggled with Alt+Enter.

On Apple Macintosh, the AVI files should automatically convert to Quicktime, if you have a recent version of Quicktime installed (e.g., 4.1 or later). Otherwise you can get an older version of the AVI-to-QT utility at http://www.zdnetasia.com/zddownloads/reviews/story/0,2000013881,20088273,00.htm

Helpful notes on recording and using the screen movies and the Camtasia products are available here.

Full Demonstration Movie Package TSSC Codec 8 Minute Demonstration Movie Package TSSC Codec
Full Demonstration Movie Package
TSSC Codec 21.3MB
8 Minute Demonstration Movie Package
TSSC Codec 7.5MB

Coax Demo Introduction - Part 0:
PP Image 1

Master Battle Planner I-P2 Process Panel Master Battle Planner I-P2 Process Panel
Master Battle Planner
TSSC Codec 510KB
I-P2 Process Panel
TSSC Codec 480KB
Master Battle Planner
RLE Codec 2.1MB
I-P2 Process Panel
RLE Codec 1.8MB

CoAX Demo Part 1:
PP Image 2

CoAX Demo Part 2:
MBP Image 1

WeatherViz Image 1

MBP Image 1

Weather Agent MBP Weather Weather Agent MBP Weather
Weather Agent
TSSC Codec 281KB
MBP Weather
TSSC Codec 98KB
Weather Agent
RLE Codec 1.0MB
MBP Weather
RLE Codec 0.3MB

CAMPS Image 1
CAMPS Image 2
MBP Image 1
TSSC Codec 430KB
TSSC Codec 146KB
RLE Codec 1.5MB
RLE Codec 0.5MB

KAoS Image
Note: In cases where duplicate information is received from JFAC HQ's Intel and Gao's Intel, Gao's information is preferred as it is believed to be more up-to-date.
MBP Persistent Queries MBP Persistent Queries
MBP Persistent Queries
TSSC Codec 444KB
MBP Persistent Queries
RLE Codec 2.3MB

CoAX Demo Part 3:
PP Image 3
MBP Image 2

CoAX Demo Part 4:
KPAT Image
TSSC Codec 1,302KB
RLE Codec 8.4MB

CoAX Demo Part 5:
Nomads Image 1

TSSC Codec 587KB
RLE Codec 3.2MB

CoAX Demo Part 6: