Teaching Responsibilities


1977-85 Developmental Biology lectures, Dept. of Bacteriology, Edinburgh University

1980-3 2nd year Biology Tutorials, Edinburgh University

1983-87 Genetics lectures to the Dept. of Psychology, Edinburgh University

1992- 3rd Year Developmental Biology, Morphogenesis module, Edinburgh University

1995- 01 Organiser, Anatomy Honours course

1995- Honours Anatomy: course on Mammalian development and other lectures

Honours Anatomical Sciences: Chair of examination board.
2002- 2nd year lectures on gene action and cancer

2004 Academic Misconduct Office for the College of Medicine & Vet. Medicine

2004 Honours Medical Biology: Group Projects organiser

Postgraduate administration and teaching

1986-94  Director of of postgraduate studies at the MRC HGU. (I handled admissions, looked after 30 students and set up and ran a 2-year graduate seminar course.)

1996-2005  Wellcome 4-year PhD postgraduate program director (developmental biology co-ordinator)

        This 10-week programme involves 12 students who take labs, workshops and seminars, and also do with a short 

        research project written up as a publication

1997-03 Member of the Faculty of Medicine postgraduate Committees

1997-03 Membership of the group that set up and runs the 1 year M.Res Programme

1998-01 Convenor of the Biomedical Sciences Postgraduate Committee

2003- Director of the Graduate School, College of Medicine

2003- Organiser: MSc in Life Sciences

PhD supervision and examining: I have been primary superviser for six students who have been awarded PhDs and have examined theses in Delft, Helsinki, London, Oxford, & Edinburgh. I have also supervised many honours and masters theses.