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J B L Bard

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Kaufman, M.H. & Bard, J.B.L. The anatomical basis of mouse development. Academic Press.


Bard, J.B.L. Morphogenesis: the cellular and molecular processes of developmental anatomy Cambridge University Press. (Revised paperback edition).


Bard, J.B.L. Morphogenesis: the cellular and molecular processes of developmental anatomy Cambridge University Press.

Websites of anatomical ontologies and informatics tools human developmental anatomy (Carnegie stages 1-20)

with M Kaufman, A Hunter mouse developmental anatomy (Theiler stages 1-23)

with M Kaufman, D Davidson, R Baldock The cross-anatomy web service

with B Webber, A Burger, S Aitken

Edited books and journals


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Bard, J.B.L. A colour Atlas of developing Embryos. London: Wolfe Publishing.

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In press

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