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Main Functions

During the first year of AUSDA, AIAI will develop a generic framework for modelling the system development process. This framework will attempt to cover:

AIAI have reviewed the latest techniques for modelling methods, software development, processes and organisations, and on the basis of this review and on the basis of AIAI's own experiences in modelling, have developed a framework and a notation for modelling the system development process.

By the end of the first year, AIAI will have built a prototype tool which is capable of supporting the modelling framework developed. This tool will form the basis of the system delivered at the end of the project. In the second year of the project a representative range of approaches and methods will be selected, analysed, and classified in terms of its contribution to the safety of the system under development. In the third year, both project teams will jointly investigate techniques for representing and reasoning about the safety critical aspects of techniques and methods. The results of this investigation will provide the theoretical basis for the implementation of the analysis capabilities of the advisory tool. The tool will use the aspects represented to check for suitable coverage of safety critical techniques within a project life-cycle, and will recommend additional or alternative techniques or methods for system development.

AUSDA will provide a framework and tools for the representation and analysis of the software development process. It will therefore be of practical use, and will improve the process of safety critical software systems development.