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SPAR - Issue 0000
Issue No. Version Date Source Raised By Core Handler Others Involved Target to Resolve Resolved Version

Type: New or Addition to Issue xxxx
Topic: maximum of one line.
Related Issues: None
Further Details: None
Recommended SPAR Version for Resolution: 0.2, 0.3, 1.0, or later (if you have a view on priorities).

Summary: up to approximately 10 lines giving a succinct description of the issue. This text will be included in the issue summary within the SPAR document itself. Write in the third person.

Details: further text about the issue and options for its resolution. This text should stand alone but may include references (which should be in citation format). You may include URLs to related work and documents. Write in the third person.

Attached figures: Give a URL from which the diagram can be obtained. Remember it must be able to be made public.

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