Air Campaign Planning Models created by AIAI under sub-contract to
ISX Corporation as part of the Initiative Support and ACPT Testbed
(ISAT) project under the DARPA/Rome Laboratory Planning Initiative
(ARPI).  1995-98.

ACP-OVERVIEW    As-is ACP Models

ACP-COG         As-is COG Models
  96-JAN ISAT-TR-5 20 Janary 1996

ACP-PROCESS     Transition ACP Models
  96-JUN First Document 13 June 1996
  96-DEC Second Document ISAT-TR-4 version 1 17 December 1996
  97-JAN An interim version of the documents. 15 January 1997.
  97-APR Second Document ISAT-TR-4 version 2 14 April 1997
         HARDY Version not verified as working.

ACP-MISC        Other Miscellaneous Models

  HDY-HTML-Jun96-ACM   Hardy HTML files for Agent Communication (1 card model)
  HDY-HTML-Jun97-OM    Hardy HTML files for Organisational model 
  HDY-HTML-May96-JAOPD Hardy HTML files for JAO Plan Development 
                       (6 cards, one missing)

All directories containing models have a README file.

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