CIF<-> XML Translation Module

This is a quick & dirty release of the CIF<->XML translation module.


For a quick demo, look at "kraft/agents/kraft_ix_adaptor/".
Examples of constraints, queries & results are in "",
"" & "" in the same directory.

The CIF<->XML mapping module is in "kraft/prolog/util/".
There are 3 exported predicates in this module:


All 3 predicates take the form: predicate(+Param_list,?Cif,?Xml).

Param_list is a list of parameters in the form X=Y. Recognised parameters

	representation	=	the atom 'compact' or 'classic'
				This controls the representation of boolean expressions.
	domain_rdfs	=	URL of the domain model in RDFS
	constraint_id	=	the atom 'generate' or a list of atoms
				When 'generate' is used, a generic ID with a number is generated by the system.
				When a list of atoms is given, IDs will be taken from the list.

When argument "Cif" is instantiated, cif2xml/3 will map it into the corresponding XML tree
representation (in Pillow). You can print out the XML tree by "print_xml/3" in
the module "kraft/prolog/util/". If you want to map the XML structure
tree into CIF, just instantiate argument "Xml".

Other info.
See for more informatin on the CIF RDF encoding.

K. Hui 24/05/02

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